About Us

If you’re wondering what we’re all about here at Top Ten Water, you’re in the right place.

My primary motivator for setting up this site was to provide you with the kind of information I found very hard to unearth as a homeowner and real estate investor so I assembled a small team to make that possible.

Anyway, this site is not about me at all but about what I can offer you.

I’m a multiple home owner so I understand the importance of budgetary constraints. I also appreciate the need for quality and durability. After all, it’s only a bargain if it lasts the distance.

So, I understand your needs from first-hand experience. I’ve got those same needs myself.

And I wanted to bring to you a blueprint of what works from that standpoint of personal experience.

I’ve been exposed to what doesn’t work, you see…

Over the years, I’ve witnessed a number of shocking installations of water-based appliances in my professional capacity as a real estate investor and flipper and what I deduced was this…

People were finding it hard to get honest and accurate information about these water-based products. These installations involved products the buyer had purchased fully expecting them to deliver as promised. How is that possible, though?

Today, it’s all too common to stumble across what looks like a decent resource for water-related products. Next thing you know, you’re directed to 2-star reviews and questionable appliances. Instantly, your trust is shattered.

You scour further through the reviews and find every product is claimed to be the best and no flaws are mentioned whatsoever.

I wanted us to adopt the opposite approach at Top Ten Water so that’s exactly what we’ve done…

We keep our reviews concise and to-the-point. While we don’t serve up any fat, we don’t hold back on the truth. We’re not biased toward any particular manufacturer either. If quality control or customer service is lacking, we’ll let you know.

Also, if any products happen to drop below a 4-star average, we no longer consider them worthy of a place on Top Ten Water. We’ll get rid of them so you don’t need to browse through average products in pursuit of the best.

We also believe in transparency every step of the way so we make no secret of the fact our site is monetized with affiliate links to help defray the costs of hosting and operations. We’ll never urge you to buy something you don’t need and we’re extremely grateful for your continued support.

What’s in it for you, then?

Here at Top Ten Water, you’ll get:

  • Honest, frank reviews that never attempt to mask the flaws in a product
  • Products available from a range of outlets to maximize your choice and give you the best chance of getting a bargain
  • A great deal of collated user feedback, both positive and negative, to help guide your buying decision
  • The benefit of our rigorous selection policy so you’re confident of getting nothing but the finest products from the best brands
  • Plenty of informational content to make your life easier

We want you to bookmark Top Ten Water as your go-to resource for impartial advice and accurate buying guidance and we thank you for stopping by!