We Reviewed The 7 Best Rated American Standard Toilets. Our Results Are Below.

In business now for well over a century, American Standard has one of the most diverse ranges of toilets on the market.

Alongside a suite of pocket-friendly WCs, you can also find tech-laden smart toilets and self-cleaning models so there’s something for everyone.

Today we’ve curated 7 of the finest representative samples from the wide and deep American Standard line-up.

We’ll launch right in now with some capsule reviews so you can see which would best gel with your bathroom.

1) American Standard Champion 4 Elongated Two-Piece (731AA001S.020)

The classic Champion 4 is an affordable and highly capable toilet well within anyone’s budget.

Although not quite hitting EPA WaterSense guidelines, you could still consider the 1.6 gallons per flush as water-conserving. While you won’t get the quite the same lean water usage as with a compliant toilet, you’ll be rewarded in terms of raw power…

The flushing mechanism is brisk and powerful. With a substantial siphonic trapway and 4-inch flush valve, you won’t need to hit that flapper a second time even with bulkier and more stubborn waste.

The glazed EverClean surface combined with proprietary PowerWash Rim means clean-up is also reduced to a bare minimum with no residual debris stuck to the bowl.

The right-height seat and elongated bowl give you plenty of comfort with an overall aesthetic of understated elegance. If you’re looking to uprate your bathroom without spending a fortune, the Champion 4 is a smart bet.


  • Forceful flush with PowerWash Rim cleaning the bowl effectively
  • Oversized trapway and flush valve to maximize performance
  • ADA-compliant chair height seat so perfect for anyone with mobility issues


  • Doesn’t meet WaterSense requirements

2) American Standard Mainstream Round Two-Piece (3472.128.020)

If you’ve got a smaller bathroom and you’re looking for a classic and subtle toilet as a centerpiece, the Mainstream is a real space-saver.

Although a two-piece design, the slimline build and round bowl means you’ll be able to squeeze this toilet into a confined bathroom while the chair height seat means you don’t need to take a hit on the comfort front.

Using a mere 1.28 gallons per flush, you’ll get a WaterSense-certified toilet that could substantially reduce annual water consumption.

The treated trapway inhibits clogging and keeps cleaning to an unobtrusive level.

With all mounting hardware included, you’ve got everything you need except the supply line so you can get going right out the box.


  • Round bowl makes this a neat fit in bathrooms with limited space
  • FloWise tech onboard brings water consumption down to WaterSense recommended levels of 1.28 GPF
  • Everything you need bundled bar supply lines with installation a cinch


  • A few complaints about a lack of force meaning you need to regularly clean the sides

3) American Standard Clean Elongated Two-Piece (2514101S.020)

Looking roughly comparable to the Mainstream line, the Clean series comes in multiple configurations with this model featuring a two-piece layout and an elongated bowl.

Falling in line with WaterSense recommendations using 1.28 gallons per flush, you won’t need to compromise flushing power to achieve economy.

The PowerWash Rim doses the bowl with pressurized water from all angles while the EverClean glazing ensures there’s no stuck-on debris and that clogging is minimized.

You should expect some kind of sacrifice somewhere along the line with a budget toilet. Regrettably with the Clean, that takes the form of a hollow plastic seat that simply doesn’t feel right. Consider investing in a different seat if you’re still set on this model.

Overall, though, this elongated two-piece gives you ergonomic positioning, performance where it counts and the ability to bring those rampant water bills down by as much as 20%.


  • Covered base eliminates the usual hiding spots for grime so streamlines cleaning wonderfully
  • Potent but water-efficient flush gives you the best of both worlds
  • Class-leading 10-year guarantee on mechanical parts so buy with complete confidence


  • Cheap plastic seat is a let-down

4) American Standard ActiClean Elongated Two-Piece (714AA151.020)

Do you want a smart toilet without needing to go all-in price-wise in return for a suite of features you’ll never use?

If so, the American Standard ActiClean hit one common pain point head-on and does so intelligently. This toilet is self-cleaning.

Choose from a shotgun 1-minute clean or more thorough 10-minute deep cleaning at the push of a button. Rather than breaking out the bleach and the scourer, the ActiClean does it all for you with some cleaning solution built in to keep your toilet spotless and hygiene uppermost.

Patented Vormax flushing tech gives you extra power while still using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

For an affordable entry point into the world of intelligent toilets, the American Standard ActiClean is a superb choice.


  • Slash the time and effort spent cleaning your toilet with an automated system for both quick and deep cleaning
  • CleanCurve rim designed to cut down on hiding places for germs and bacteria
  • Seat slides off to make exterior cleaning almost as easy as the self-cleaning program


  • Some snags with leaking reported by disgruntled users

5) American Standard Cadet 3 Elongated One-Piece (2403.128.020)

The Cadet 3 is another sleek American Standard toilet with an elongated bowl for added space when seated and a one-piece design for a commanding yet lean look.

Compliant with both WaterSense guidelines for efficiency and ADA guidelines thanks to the chair-height seat, you’ll enjoy potential savings on your utility bills while also catering to anyone with disabilities or movement issues.

The vitreous china is treated with EverClean to keep debris from adhering while the powerful siphoning jets of water blast all waste where it belongs while imparting an efficient clean at the same time.

The one-piece design means cleaning is further simplified and makes sure this toilet looks the part as well as performing in a first-class fashion. Simple yet highly effective, the Cadet 3 is a mistakenly overlooked model in the American Standard line-up.


  • Slow-close seat to put paid to slamming and also quick release for ease of cleaning
  • EverClean glaze treatment means no stray particles should stick to the sides
  • Siphoning water jet cleans the toilet through a full 360 degrees when flushing


  • Wax ring kit for installation is not included

6) American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece (2034.314.021)

The Champion 4 comes in an elegant bone finish with a couple other colorways available if this doesn’t make a neat fit in your bathroom.

This particular variant of the ever-popular Champion is a one-piece layout to save space while the elongated bowl and right-height seat make sure you won’t feel restricted as a result.

Any toilet stands or falls on the effectiveness of the flushing mechanism. Harnessing a supersized flush valve with a piston action, you’ll get more than enough oomph while still only using 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This puts the toilet outside WaterSense guidelines but it’s still a water-conserving model.

Aside from a tendency for the handle to squeak slightly, this mid-range American Standard toilet hits all main bases to a high standard and is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • 4-inch accelerator flush valve for robust performance
  • Slow-close seats makes it easy to lift while preventing any slamming
  • Siphoning water jet delivers powerful cleaning with no wastage thanks to circular motion


  • Handle tends to squeak slightly which is a minor annoyance

7) American Standard Tropic Elongated One-Piece (2786.128.222)

If you’ve got a slightly more flexible budget and you’re looking for a design-driven toilet, the American Standard Tropic delivers fully without sacrificing performance in the quest for aesthetics.

Using just 1.28 gallons per flush like most American Standard toilets, you can do your part for the environment while also shaving a few precious bucks off your water bills.

Despite conserving water, the proprietary PowerWash rim combined with the nimble, sizeable flush valve ensure you won’t be stiffed on the performance front in the pursuit of economy.

As well as the inside of the toilet being hosed down from all angles when flushing, the EverClean treatment and concealed trapway all conspire to make certain you won’t need to spend much time cleaning the Tropic.

For a striking addition to any bathroom from a brand you can rely on, this model is a wise bet.


  • Commanding and minimalist looks
  • Components stand up to urban water that’s been chemically treated
  • Concealed trapway giving you a smoother surface and simplified cleaning


  • Not the cheapest toilet but we’d argue still exceptional value


It’s remarkably tough to choose just one of these American Standard toilets but, as always, we’ve analyzed all key metrics and our recommendation based on the categories that count is the ActiClean.

For many, a smart toilet with everything from a heated seat and dryer to a bidet and remote control simply offers too much at too great a cost. By addressing the knotty issue of cleaning only, this model from American Standard gives you a genuinely useful solution without costing the earth and skips the needless bells and whistles.

Don’t forget to bookmark this site and come back any time you need the 411 on any water-related products. We’ll give you frank and impartial advice and we have no allegiance to any brand so we’ll never mask the drawbacks in products.

Come back soon and check out our look at toilets broken down by category if you’d sooner search that way.

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