Best AquaSource Toilets Review: An Uber Guide For DIYer’s

A Trio of AquaSource Toilets

AquaSource is Lowe’s own brand and you can expect pocket-friendly toilets with a subtle and elegant design.

The range is not broad and deep but the basic toilets all come ADA and EPA WaterSense certified and perform their job without fanfare.

Rugged and built to stay the distance, you’ll be covered with a limited 1-year warranty across the range. Installation of these toilets is straightforward and performance impressive considering the price point.

We’ll highlight 3 very similar AquaSource models now so you can determine which precise variant makes the best fit for you.

1) AquaSource Henshaw Chair-Height Single-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (T802)

Water-efficient in line with EPA WaterSense requirements

Using just 1.28 gallons of water per flush, the Henshaw is proof positive you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a water-efficient toilet.

The Henshaw falls well within EPA WaterSense guidelines with this environmentally friendly flush.

A common issue with toilets designed to save water is that you lose out on flushing power but AquaSource ensures that’s not the case with the Henshaw…

Powerful gravity-fed single flush

A 3-in-1 flush valve and potent gravity flush makes sure all waste ends up where it belongs not clogged to the side of the bowl.

While a single flush is not to everyone’s taste, it keeps things simple and with that 1.28 GPF rating, you won’t need to worry about wasting water.

Elongated bowl combined with comfort height seat

This two-piece toilet comes with an elongated bowl for added comfort. While it might not make the best fit in really small bathrooms, this unit occupies a reasonably small footprint for this configuration of toilet.


The seat sit 17 ¼ inches high meaning it’s ADA-compliant. Whether you struggle with mobility or just like a toilet that’s easy to sit up and stand from, the comfort height Henshaw gives you a position much like a regular chair.

Everything included except supply lines

Installation is straightforward and you’ll get everything you need to get going straight out the box from mounting bolts to a wax ring. The only thing you’ll need to make provision for are supply lines.


  • Quiet and low maintenance gravity-fed flush
  • Completely glazed trapway for superior flushing with no debris sticking on
  • Meets both ADA and EPA WaterSense guidelines


  • Some complaints about a ring developing around water line

2) AquaSource Henshaw Chair-Height Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (T802D)

Convenience and flexibility of a dual-flush mechanism

If the Henshaw above tempts you but you’d prefer the flexibility of a dual-flush toilet, the T802D is broadly similar with the benefit of both full and partial flushes.


For liquid wastes, you’ll use just 1.1 gallons per flush. If you need to shift more stubborn, solid waste then the powerful 1.6 GPF full flush sees off pretty much anything you throw its way. Get the benefit of an EPA WaterSense-certified toilet without dipping out on firepower.

Supreme comfort without eating up too much space

Two-piece toilets with elongated bowls are not to everyone’s taste and they don’t tend to work so well in tiny bathrooms.

That said, the configuration does make repairs and maintenance much easier even if cleaning is a little more awkward.

Unless your bathroom is really cramped, you should find the Henshaw slots in without overcrowding things and you’ll get a comfort-driven experience in return.

ADA-compliant right-height seat

Adding to that comfort factor and making things easier for anyone with mobility issues, the chair-height seat sitting 17 ¼ inches high meets ADA requirements.

Outstanding price to performance ratio

When you consider the subtle but elegant design, powerful yet water-conserving dual flush and solid build quality, you might ask yourself how AquaSource can bring this toilet in at such a keen price-point.


  • Dual-flush mechanism gives you a water-efficient toilet with added power when it’s needed
  • Two-piece design makes repairs and maintenance a breeze with easy access all around
  • Perfect combination of form and function at a remarkably keen price-point


  • Difficult to find spare parts

3) AquaSource Henshaw Oyster Chair-Height Single-Flush One-Piece Elongated (T802M)

Incredibly easy to set up with everything you need bundled

As with all AquaSource toilets, you’ll get all installation kit included in the package and you’ll also get the seat thrown in.

The two-piece configuration allows for easy access and maneuverability of components during set-up. You should be up and running reasonably quickly without needing to call in a plumber.

Powerful but economical gravity-fed flush

Although you’ll only get a single-flush mechanism, this uses a meager 1.28 gallons per flush so your toilet will fall well within the EPA WaterSense parameters for water conservation.

In return, the gravity-fed mechanism delivers more than enough power even for more stubborn loads so you won’t be endlessly re-flushing.

Comfort factor high without occupying too much space

The elongated bowl alongside the right-height seat means you won’t end up struggling to get up or down from the toilet and you won’t feel cramped either. As an added bonus, the overall footprint is fairly small considering.

Sleek and understated design

The neutral design means the Oyster will slip neatly into just about any type of bathroom without dominating. Whether you’ve got a minimalist condo or a more traditional and chintzy décor, the Oyster makes a classic addition.


  • Generous 2-inch trapway to promote superior flushing
  • Water-efficient using just 1.28 gallons per flush
  • 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • Usual niggle with AquaSource spare parts in the event of any problems developing


We hope one of these AquaSource toilets provides what you’ve been looking for. If not, browse our collection of toilets here at Top Ten Water for more inspiration.

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