8 Best Comfort Height Toilets (2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Also known as chair-height or right-height, these models feature seats sitting between 15 and 17 inches high to replicate the experience of sitting in a chair.

Any toilet that falls within the above ADA guidelines qualifies for this label and we’ve assemble 8 of the strongest options for you today.

We’ve included something for all tastes and budgets aiming to deliver a solid cross-section of styles, colors and sizes.

Whether you want a design-led toilet to set off a minimalist loft, a compact toilet for a smaller apartment or a cheap classic that won’t let you down, read on and take your pick from the very best comfort height toilets in a crowded market.

1) American Standard Champion Elongated (731AA001S.020)

A classic vitreous china elongated toilet, the American Standard Champion is affordable without sacrificing build quality. The single flush can remove 2.2 pounds of waste using 1.6 gallons so it conserves water while not quite meeting EPA requirements.

Glazed to keep stains, bacteria and mold away, you’ll also get a PowerWash Rim so pressurized water sees off any debris.

Bowl height with the seat is 17 inches placing the Champion at the upper end of comfort height and bringing it in line with ADA specs.

The trapway and flush valve are class-leading. This toilet is designed to keep maintenance to an absolute minimum.

You’ll get a slow-close seat thrown in along with all installation tools.

With a 10-year warranty on mechanical parts, the seat covered for 1 year and the chinaware guaranteed for life, what are you waiting for?


  • EverClean finish inhibits staining and mold growth
  • High-pressure 1.6 gallon flush
  • ADA-compliant for comfort height


  • Not WaterSense certified

2) American Standard Champion Round (731BA001S.020)

This two-piece round bowl toilet, another in American Standard’s Champion line, is tailor-made for more cramped bathrooms where space is at a premium.

This model comes with a pair of key selling points…

Firstly, the ADA-compliant seat gives you positioning much like a regular chair so even though this is a space-saving toilet, you won’t feel restricted.

The other powerful benefit is the clog-resistance achieved through a multi-action accelerator flush valve and an intelligently designed trapway.

Featuring AS’s proprietary EverClean treatment, you won’t suffer from mildew, mold or staining and your toilet will look spotless with very little user input required.

Although falling slightly short of exacting WaterSense regulations for efficiency, this could still be termed a water-conserving toilet. Using 1.6 gallons per flush along with a PowerWash rinse, you’ll ensure all waste is history and no trace left behind.


  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • Precision-engineered to reduce any chance of clogging
  • Anti-microbial additive keeps the bowl spotless


  • Two-piece design and basic aesthetic not to all tastes

3) AquaSource Henshaw (T802)

Lowe’s own brand, AquaSource is a pocket-friendly line that doesn’t leave you ruing your decision to shave off a few bucks. If you’re looking for a real steal, read on…

WaterSense certified, you’ll need just 1.28 gallons per flush to efficiently whisk away all waste, liquid or solid. This allows you to save money and the environment without impacting performance.

Full ADA compliance with the seat riding over 17 inches high means this toilet works well for anyone struggling with mobility.

The neatly glazed trapway helps minimize the chance of clogging and debris stuck to the sides.

Despite the incredibly low price-point, you’ll still benefit from a 1-year warranty so you can buy with complete peace of mind. With straightforward installation and a winning price, what’s not to love?


  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Combination of right-height and elongated bowl places comfort uppermost
  • Powerful gravity-fed flush blitzes even stubborn waste


  • Supply lines are sold separately

4) Jacuzzi Primo (SW07959)

A sleek elongated toilet from Jacuzzi boasting the comfort height seat meeting ADA guidelines at 17 inches high, the Primo doesn’t just look great but punches hard, too.

The dual-flush mechanism with an easy access button allows you to use just 1.1 GPF for lighter loads and up to 1.6 GPF for heavier-duty waste. This brings the Primo fully in line with EPA standards while still allowing you maximum power when called for.

If you’ve got kids in the house prone to slamming the seat down, kiss goodbye to that annoyance thanks to the soft-close action.

For anyone with disabilities or mobility issues, the chair height seat sits 17 ¼ inches and streamlines access while placing comfort at a premium thanks to the elongated bowl.

While this is undeniably a design-driven toilet, Jacuzzi don’t place form over function so you can rest assured this investment won’t let you down.

Installation is a breeze so you should be able to do it yourself without needing to call in a plumber. If you need professional help, you’re looking at a quick and easy job.


  • Save water and money by using as little as 1.1 gallons per flush
  • Slow-close seat and all accessories bundled so get going right out the box
  • One-piece design perfect for minimalist bathrooms


  • Some complaints about the flush seeming slightly light

5) Kohler Highline Classic (14799-0)

This lower-end Kohler allows you to buy into the brand without spending a fortune.

A two-piece with an elongated bowl, this might not work so well in tighter bathrooms and the configuration is also better suited to larger adults.

Sitting 16 ½ inches high, the Highline qualifies as comfort height.

The economical 1.28 GPF flushing mechanism also satisfies EPA regulations and you’ll make potentially great savings over the course of a year without feeling let down by flushing power.

You’ll get everything you need except the tools and supply line to get up and running directly out of the box.


  • Complete Solution Box with everything bar supply lines bundled
  • Seat is slow-close and also quick-release to simplify your cleaning
  • Top-tier flushing performance while only using 1.28 gallons per flush


  • Might be an uncomfortable fit for children or smaller adults

6) Kohler Cimarron (K3887-0)

Another comfort height classic from Kohler, the Cimarron is a round front model, also two-piece.

A great fit for smaller bathroom, you’ll get an ADA-compliant right-height seat but a slimline and compact toilet that won’t dominate a smaller restroom.

Very little of the seal is exposed which helps with lifespan and the vitreous china is also rugged in the extreme. Finished with a slick glazing to promote waste flushing through efficiently, you’ll get durability rolled in with performance as you’d fully expect from Kohler.

The two-piece design makes cleaning super-simple and also helps if you need to conduct any repairs later down the track. We’d advise handling the flush carefully. The plastic is not exactly robust so take care.

With a water-conserving flush still more than capable of seeing off stubborn waste, the Cimarron makes a fitting addition to any smaller bathroom.


  • Suitable for use in compact bathrooms thanks to round front bowl
  • Glazed trapway allows bulky waste to shoot through with little danger of clogging
  • Vitreous china built to stay the distance while warding off staining and odors


  • Neither seat nor supply line is included
  • Plastic flush is fragile and a disappointment

7) Kohler Santa Rosa (3810-96)

A classic one-piece fixture with a powerful flush, this toilet remains compact despite the elongated bowl.

Delivering a flush using 1.28 GPF, this WaterSense certified so enables you to save money, waste less water yet still get all the power you need to dispatch stubborn waste fuss-free.

With no crevices and cracks for dirt to hide in, the one-piece design reduces your effort when it’s time to clean while also making a striking design statement. Choose from a range of colors if the standard-issue white is not to your liking.

A Brevia seat comes included so, while the Santa Rosa is not a budget toilet, the whole package represents outstanding value.


  • Broad spread of colors to mesh with any design scheme
  • One-piece for clean lines and simple cleaning
  • Comfort height seat for an ergonomic experience


  • Tends to clog is you’re heavy-handed with toilet tissue
  • Installation is slightly awkward

8) TOTO Drake (CST744SL-51)

If you’re looking for a toilet that makes a real conversation piece, the TOTO Drake is the obvious choice. Finished in ebony, you’ll get the optimum addition to a minimalist bathroom. If your décor is more traditional, the Drake comes in a range of whites and beiges, too.

Water consumption is low at 1.6 GPF but doesn’t quite meet the EPA WaterSense mark.

An oversized flush valve and impeccably glazed trapway show the attention to detail you’d fully expect from TOTO. The result is industrial flushing power at a reasonably attractive price-point.

The high profile design means the toilet looks the part without compromising comfort. Elongated and with a right-height seat, you’ll enjoy a cosseted feel even if you have mobility concerns.


  • Makes a commanding addition to any bathroom with showstopping looks
  • G-Max flush gives you commercially-rated flushing power in the comfort of your home
  • Wide and glazed trapway sends all waste where it’s meant to go not clogged onto the bowl


  • You’ll need to buy the seat separately


Our overall pick for best comfort height toilet 2019 is the Jacuzzi Primo.

While we admire both Kohler and TOTO, based across all categories, the Primo steals the crown.

ADA-compliant for comfort height and with a dual flush giving you both an exceedingly light 1.1 GPF option along with a potent 1.6 GPF alternative, you’ll get everything you need included, no snags with installation and great looks into the bargain.

If you have other priorities beyond a chair-height seat, browse through our selection of toilet reviews. We’ve curated the very best models both according to brand and also by category.

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