Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms

When you’re looking for a new toilet, one of the most important factors that will influence your decision is the size of the bathroom.

Do you have a small apartment with a cramped bathroom?

Is your bathroom already stuffed full with a sprawling bathtub and substantial shower stall?

If you’re looking for a space-saving solution, a corner toilet might be your best bet.

Why Use a Corner Toilet?

  • The triangular-shaped bowl or wall-hanging nature of a corner toilet makes them the perfect fit for cramped bathrooms
  • As well as taking up less space, installing a corner toilet in a tight area can also ensure you get the legroom you need when you’re seated
  • The striking and unusual aesthetic can be used as a design element if you’re looking to inject a dose of elegance into a bathroom of any size
  • Corner toilets work wonderfully in cloakroom toilets or half-bathrooms, anywhere where a regular tank design simply wouldn’t fit

How About Installation?

One thing to be clear about before you bluster in and buy a corner toilet based on looks alone is the installation factor.

Put simply, the installation of the pipe differs slightly from those used for a traditional toilet but how can you deal with this?

If you’re calling in a plumber, make sure in advance they are experienced dealing with this type of space-saving toilet.

For anyone planning a DIY installation, think about this…

When you’re measuring up a toilet, those measurements are taken from the center of the bowl. The dynamics of corner toilets means it’s always likely to be the required 15 inches from an obstacle based on this measurement.

What’s the problem, then?

Well, the opening with this type of toilet will only be 12 inches from the side wall. While the corner toilet is in place, that’s no problem. If you decide later down the track to swap it out for a regular toilet, though, you’ll need to shift the water pipe.

The thing is, if you’re struggling with space constraints, you’re probably not going to want to remove this anyway.

So far, so good. What corner toilets are actually worth buying, though?

2 Solutions with Corner Toilets

If you’re looking for a creative approach to installing a toilet where there’s no space for a regular model, we’ve got 2 options for you here.

One packs a triangular tank and comes in at a very reasonable price-point from American Standard while the other is a wall-hung smart model from industry legend Kohler.

1) American Standard Cadet 3 Two-Piece Triangle Toilet

All-round space-saver

When you’re looking for a toilet for small bathrooms, you need to consider both the tank and bowl.

With the triangular nature of the Cadet’s tank, you’ll be able to position it neatly in the corner. Not only does this make use of otherwise wasted space, you’ll also create the illusion of more room.

The round bowl might give you a little less wiggle room than an elongated alternative, but if space is too tight to mention this becomes an advantage rather than a drawback.

ADA-compliant with right-height seat

You’ll be safely in line with ADA regulations for seat height.

If anyone in your family has issues with mobility, standing and sitting are simplified with the comfort height seat in place. Once seated, you’ll be positioned much like being in a normal chair so you’ll feel perfectly at ease.

Anti-microbial glazing for enhanced hygiene

The flush is powerful enough to sluice down all types of waste.

The trapway is nicely glazed with an antimicrobial treatment. Not only does this enhance the hygiene element but you’ll also find very little debris stuck on to the sides. This renders cleaning a cinch.

Design is commanding without looking out of place

Triangular toilets can make a real conversation piece but the design of the Cadet is subtle enough that it will work well with most bathroom décor without looking over the top or outlandish.


  • Space-saving round bowl combined with triangular tank so perfect for tight bathrooms
  • Oversized flush valve and rugged flapper so you don’t dip out on the performance front despite scaled-down overall dimensions
  • EverClean glazing so you’ll keep maintenance to an absolute minimum


  • Seat doesn’t come included so you’ll need to budget for this

2) Kohler Veil Intelligent Wall-Hung Toilet

Embrace the space-saving aspect of a wall-mounted toilet

Rather than the conventional corner toilet design with a triangular tank, why not consider Kohler’s wall-mounted smart toilet?

You’ll be able to mount the Veil anywhere you see fit and the layout is perfect for small bathrooms. You’ll create more space under the toilet, too.

As the name suggests, the tank is hidden from sight so you’ll get a super-small toilet without compromising comfort.

Smart functionality

The stainless steel wand offers you a broad spread of cleaning options that you can tailor to suit the preferences of all the family.

There’s a remote control bundled along with a docking station and the flush mechanism is touch-activated. Is the flush any good, though?

Remarkably water-efficiency

The dual-flush mechanism allows you to use 0.8 gallons of water with a partial flush or 1.6 GPF for bulkier waste.

This ensures the Kohler meets EPA WaterSense guidelines while still delivering the power and performance you need.

Clean lines of one-piece design

Slotting in to small spaces fuss-free, you’ll also be rewarded with the classic elegance of a floating style toilet so you can feel like you’re in a hotel suite without leaving home.


  • Completely concealed hardware and space-saving form factor tailor-made for small bathrooms
  • Loaded with tech for a smart experience in the bathroom
  • Highly water-efficient dual-flush mechanism


  • The Veil is undeniably expensive


We hope you’ve been able to determine whether you want or need one of these space-saving toilets.

Not all bathrooms are created equal and, for that reason, innovative solutions like corner toilets have been developed. If you decide this is the best solution for you, let us know how you get on. We love to get feedback from our readers.

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