8 of the Best Countertop Water Filters Ever Made (New Buyer Reviews Guide For 2020)

Countertop water filtration systems come in many configurations but they all have a few things in common…

You won’t need the expense of calling in a plumber and, despite varying in size, these countertop units all slip easily into cramped or crowded spaces.

Filtration and purification differs from model to model but expect crisper, cleaner drinking water with no contaminants to endanger the health of you and your family.

We’ll jump straight in now with a snapshot of the 8 leading countertop filtration systems to simplify your buying decision.

1) APEC Alkaline Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (CTOP-PH)

The APEC portable countertop filter is ideal if you spend time in your RV or at a holiday home and you want to ensure the highest grade water wherever you go.

The slimline dimensions – it measures just 18.5 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches – mean it won’t eat up too much kitchen real estate. Pop it in the case provided and take it on the road, too since the unit weighs less than 13 pounds.

While this filter will slot neatly onto most faucets, it’s incompatible with sprayer and pull-out taps or any off-size designer faucets. John Guest connections streamline filter changes and there’s no tasky installation to concern yourself with.

The robust 4-stage filtration removes chlorine while the onboard mineral cartridge adds calcium to elevate pH levels and enhance the taste of the water.

Affordable, powerful and portable with a 99% contaminant removal rate, the APEC countertop filter is designed and engineered in the US and makes a wise bet.


  • Fits just about any regulation faucet and you’ll be up and running almost instantly
  • Improved alkalinity of water while also adding in calcium for an even crisper taste
  • Sleek and rugged aluminum build with compact footprint perfect for use on the road or in the home


  • Quality of tubing leaves something to be desired

2) Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter (MR-1050)

Hooking up to all standard faucets, this countertop water filtration system from Apex is a cinch to set up. All hardware is bundled and it’s a simple DIY job.

The filter prevents chlorine, radon and all sediment from contaminating your drinking water. Mercury, spores, cysts and viruses are also denied access thanks to the efficient filter capable of dealing with 750 gallons of water.

This model is available in a range of colors and finishes to slot into any kitchen and make a real statement.

Apex work hard to ensure their filtration system follow the guidelines set out by the National Safety Foundation and you’ll enjoy purer, safer water without needing to spend a fortune or worry about the cost of installation.


  • Removes contaminants, cysts, sediment, pesticides and waterborne viruses
  • Falls in with FDA and NSF guidelines so buy with complete confidence
  • Filters good for treating 750 gallons before they need replacing


  • Difficult to separate base and housing unit when you need to swap out filter

3) Aqua Tru Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (90AT02AT01)

This reverse osmosis countertop system from Aqua Tru might not be cheap but the best things in life seldom are. If you consider the savings you’ll make not needing to buy endless small bottles of drinking water, this water filter suddenly seems like an investment not an expense.

You can expect up to 2 years of use from the provided filters and performance is outstanding. From lead, chromium and copper to fluoride, radium and chlorine, make sure no sediments, heavy metals or TSDs taint the water you drink at home.

While you can find cheaper filters, you won’t need to factor in the cost of professional installation with this countertop model and absolutely no plumbing is required.

4-stage filtration consists of a mechanical pre-filter followed by an invaluable reverse osmosis pre-filter and subsequent membrane. An activated carbon filter completes the powerful quartet.

For a compact countertop filtration system with push-button functionality, the Aqua Tru deserves a place on any shortlist.


  • NSF-certified and removes thousands of waterborne pollutants
  • Get this countertop system functional in 3 minutes flat
  • Capable of purifying 1 gallon of tap water in just 15 minutes


  • One of the pricier countertop systems but still great overall value

4) cleanwater4less Countertop Water Filtration System (COMINHKR069766)

The cleanwater4less filter measures just 5 x 5 x 9.5 inches and tips the scales at less than 4 pounds. This is as small as countertop filtration gets and ideal for compact kitchens.

Rugged stainless steel build gives you impressive lifespan and installation is a breeze. The adapter fits directly onto your faucet with no need to call in professional help.

The carbon filter is designed to remove all irksome contaminants from your water supply saving you the ongoing expense and environmental impact of endless plastic bottles of drinking water.

You can expect up to 10,000 gallons of purified water from this sealed unit with no need to swap out the filters.

For a pocket-friendly and slimline countertop filter perfect for apartments and small kitchens, this carbon model is a winner across the board.


  • Sealed unit with no cartridges required
  • Can produce 10,000 gallons of purified water with no plumbing needed
  • True space-saving unit you can slip just about anywhere


  • Hose could be thicker gauge

5) Ecosoft Countertop Drinking Water Filter System (FMV1BOBOEXP)

Coming in a striking lime green or more understated white, the Ecosoft is a design-driven countertop filtration system that doesn’t compromise function in pursuit of form.

You can expect up to 6 months of use from each filter before it needs replacing. This translates to around 1500 gallons of water or the equivalent of 200 small water bottles. Not only can you save significantly, you’ll reduce your eco-footprint at the same time.

Everything you need for a seamless installation is thrown in down to a neat plastic wrench.

As an added incentive for new customers, a free replacement filter is bundled meaning you can enjoy a full year of use for an extremely modest investment.

If you don’t want to drink untreated water directly from the faucet but you’re resistant to the hassle and expense of a whole-house system, there is a middle ground and it’s occupied by countertop units like this Ecosoft.


  • Commanding aesthetics make a real statement
  • Single filter yields 1500 gallons of purified water
  • Sees off sediment, chlorine, lead and other contaminating by-products


  • Fittings supplied are not universal

6) iSpring Countertop Water Filter (CKC1C)

This iSpring filtration system comes in a vast array of configurations and color schemes giving you plenty of choice.

The standard CTO carbon filter is effective in its own right and able to screen sand, silt and sediment along with pesticides, herbicides and any industrial chemicals contaminating your water supply.

Step things up with the multi-stage filter which balances pH levels in your water while also removing chlorine, viruses, bacteria and VOCs. We look at this model directly below.

The CKC1C comes with the carbon filter only and is suitable for purifying regular city water.

Perhaps you’re not convinced this type of filtration system makes a wise investment. If that’s the case, you can buy without trepidation since you can call in a refund during the first month after purchase if you’re not completely happy with the results from this countertop filter. What have you got to lose?


  • See state of filter at a glance thanks to transparent housing
  • Multi-stage filtration gets rid of TSDs and VOCs as well as chlorine and any unpleasant smells
  • 30-day money back warranty removes any sting from purchase


  • A few complaints about quality control so check contents of package carefully

7) iSpring Countertop Multi-Filtration Drinking Water Filter (WGB21B)

This version of the enduringly popular iSpring countertop filtration system comes with a comprehensive multi-stage filter.

With 4 filter media in a single cartridge including activated carbon, KDF, calcite and dual-layered sediment filtration, you can see off all the TSDs, VOCs and heavy metals that impair your drinking water and your health.

The faucet adapter is compatible with almost all taps and you can install this countertop model in minutes without needing to call in a plumber.

Coming in at a remarkably keen price-point and covered by a 1-year guarantee and ongoing customer care, this multi-level filtration system is perfect for small kitchens.


  • Fantastic choice of colors to gel with any design scheme
  • Say goodbye to arsenic, heavy metals and VOCs without needing a huge and expensive system
  • Lifetime support and dependable warranty


  • Pocket of air can form at the top of the filter

8) Water Chef Premium Countertop Water Filtration System (C7000)

Looking more like a kettle than a water filter, the Water Chef gives you up to a year of use on a single cartridge.

With proprietary big block filtration, you can combat all the usual waterborne contaminants like chlorine, lead, VOCs and cysts to make certain your drinking water is crisp, clear and purified

Unlike time-based monitors on some of the competition, this meter tracks actual usage so you’ll be alerted when you need a replacement filter which might not be for some time given that projected 1-year lifespan.

Certified by the NSF and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you don’t need to take a leap of faith when you’re buying into this proven and reputable countertop system.


  • Smart monitor shows clearly when you need to swap the cartridge
  • Impressive 1000 gallon capacity
  • NSF-certified and guaranteed for life


  • Some reports of leaks developing


Hopefully you’ve now got a better idea of which countertop filtration system would best fit your family’s needs.

If you’re still not certain a countertop unit makes the most appropriate solution for your home, browse through our reviews of filtration systems broken down by their various types. It’s worth taking the time to find exactly the right model for your requirements.

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