8 of the Best Elongated Toilets For Sale Today (2020 Expert Reviews)

A toilet with an elongated bowl gives you some precious extra comfort at the expense of a little extra space taken up.

If you’ve got a reasonably large bathroom and you’re looking for the most comfortable experience married to striking design, check out our curated list of 8 of the very best elongated bowl toilets up for grabs.

We’ve got a couple of surprises included too with one of these toilets offering more space-saving dimensions and another one laden with tech.

We’ll dive straight down into our reviews right now.

1) American Standard Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece (2034314.021)

The Champion 4 is American Standard’s best-selling toilet but what makes it so good?

Water consumption is 1.6 gallons per flush so you’ll get economy without quite meeting EPA WaterSense standards. In return for using a little more water and throwing the PowerWash Rim into the mix, you’ll have no problem dispatching large, solid waste first time.

Nothing gets clogged on the bowl either thanks to the proprietary glazing. This also keeps mildew and staining to an absolute minimum and ensures your toilet remains free of bacteria and spotlessly clean with little effort required.

With a right-height seat and elongated bowl, this ADA-compliant toilet is ideal even if you have issues with mobility.

The slow-close seat and muted colorway completes a rock-solid package guarantee for a full decade meaning you can buy with complete confidence from an eminently trustworthy brand.


  • Sleek one-piece design combined with elongated bowl for comfort gives you form and function combined
  • Supercharged flush and wide trapway make light work of even bulky, stubborn waste
  • EverClean glazing treatment inhibits mold and bacteria while reducing the chance of staining


  • Reasonably pricey so not for bargain hunters

2) AquaSource Henshaw Elongated Two-Piece (T802D)

The Henshaw is one of AquaSource’s most popular toilets but why is that?

Firstly, you’ll benefit from water conservation when you use the 1.1 GPF flush but you’ll also enjoy the ability to switch up to 1.6 gallons per flush if you need more potent waste removal. This ensures the toilet meets EPA guidelines while still providing power when you need it.

The elongated bowl gives you comfortable, uncrowded positioning. ADA-compliant with a chair height seat, this toilet is perfect for anyone with a disability or mobility problems.

The two-piece design makes repairs easier but you might run into snags obtaining spare parts so think about this before committing to purchase.

You can get up and running straight out the box with everything thrown in. Whether you do it yourself or call in a plumber, installation is straightforward.


  • Dual-flush offering a light flush of 1.1 GPF bringing this toilet in line with WaterSense requirements
  • Opt for the powerful 1.6 GPF option when you’re looking to sluice through solid waste
  • Complete kit bundled and a breeze to install


  • Unfortunate absence of spare parts

3) Jacuzzi Lyndsay Elongated Two-Piece (SW08959)

Another elongated comfort height two-piece is up next with the Jacuzzi Lyndsay.

Meeting requirements for both ADA with regard to seat height and WaterSense for efficiency, you’re in safe hands with the Lyndsay.

With a two-piece layout, the process of repairs or maintenance is streamlined. The elongated bowl gives even larger adults plenty of room for maneuver. The chair height seat adds to the ergonomics.

The 2-inch trapway is effectively glazed and this combined with a nimble flushing mechanism means you should get rid of most waste fuss-free while using relatively little water to achieve this.

With simple installation and a standard 12-inch rough-in, you can get going without standing on ceremony. As an added bonus, this elongated toilet comes in at a highly attractive price point so what are you waiting for?


  • Classic two-piece design promotes easy access
  • WaterSense certified with 1.28 GPF
  • Fully glazed trapway for optimum flushing performance


  • A few complaints about bulky waste needing to be flushed more than once

4) Kohler Cimarron Elongated Two-Piece (3609-G9)

Kohler is a legend in the toilet vertical and the affordable, hard-hitting Cimarron makes a smart choice.

If you’re tired of toilets in the usual shades of white, you can also pick a Cimarron in some more striking colors.

The flush mechanism, trapway and AquaPiston technology all come together to deliver a highly efficient siphon capable of seeing off even bulky solid waste and plenty of paper. Despite that firepower, the Cimarron is rated at 1.28 GPF so you won’t need too much water to achieve this.

The elongated bowl and right-height seat ensures nobody will be twisted and contorted trying to get comfy even if they’re having problems moving around. The seat sits high enough to comply with ADA regulations but, unfortunately, doesn’t come included so factor this into your budgeting.

If you want to buy into the Kohler brand without digging too deep, the Cimarron makes a superb entry point. You’ll get the standard 1-year Kohler warranty to remove any headache from purchase.


  • Wide choice of colors so coordinate with any bathroom décor
  • Highly capable gravity flush along with AquaPiston technology for class-leading performance
  • WaterSense certified and ADA-compliant for a comfy and economical addition to your bathroom


  • A fairly sizeable toilet so not ideal for smaller restrooms

5) OVE Decors Elongated One-Piece (EBBA)

Are you looking for a smart toilet for your connected home? If so, the OVE Decors is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

This toilet packs in all the bells and whistles from a heated seat and air drying through to heated water and a powerful integrated bidet spray.

The elongated bowl gives you ample space while the toilet itself it not too bulky as to dominate a smaller bathroom.

Choose from manual or automatic flushing and enjoy an efficient 1.28 gallons per flush from the mechanism so you can slash your utility bills along with your environmental footprint.

For an intelligent toilet that will make a real statement piece, the OVE isn’t cheap but the best things in life seldom are.


  • Programmable using remote for your complete convenience
  • Tweak water pressure and temperature with integrated memory to recall your preferred settings
  • Light water consumption at 1.28 GPF


  • All this technology on board means there’s more chance of something going wrong

6) Saniflo Sanicompact Self-Contained Elongated (023)

The Saniflo Sanicompact addresses a few common pain points head-on even if you need to spend a significant sum for the privilege.

If you’re struggling to find a toilet that will fit neatly into a cramped bathroom, you’ll get a super-compact design while still benefiting from an elongated bowl to increase comfort.

There’s no external tank to clutter up the works since the flushing mechanism is fully electric and baked in.

In a market glutted with WaterSense certified toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush, the Sanicompact makes do with just a single gallon of water per use redefining water efficiency.

For a completely self-contained macerating toilet from an industry legend, the Saniflo Sanicompact is in a class of its own.


  • Exceptional space-saving design slots neatly into half bathrooms
  • Remarkable water-efficiency using just 1 gallon per flush
  • Seat and all hardware included so no hidden costs


  • Extremely expensive so absolutely not for everyone

7) Sterling Windham Elongated Two-Piece (404705-0)

The Sterling Windham is a classic, no-nonsense two-piece giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Combining a chair height seat with an elongated bowl, this toilet accommodates even larger adults with ease.

You’ll get by using just 1.28 gallons per flush meaning you should notice a dip in your water bill without being stiffed on the performance front.

The vitreous china finish and non-porous surface makes sure waste is flushed where it belongs rather than sticking to the sides of the bowl.

Aside from occupying a fairly substantial footprint and having a float slightly prone to sticking, this is a top-notch elongated bowl toilet at a very keen price point so well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Complete kit with all hardware thrown in along with the seat
  • Non-porous and glossy finish promotes efficient flushing while minimizing clogging
  • Robust 5-year warranty for your peace of mind


  • Some reported issues with float sticking

8) TOTO Gwyneth Elongated One-Piece (MS604114CEFG-12)

No compilation of the best elongated toilets would be complete without an entry from the stellar TOTO. We could easily have curated a bunch of their models and eliminated the competition but we prefer to provide you with a varied cross-section of products.

The elongated bowl and sleek, one-piece design calls for a fair amount of room. In return, though, you’ll get relaxed positioning without feeling restricted. The Gwyneth is the perfect addition to any larger bathroom.

Glazed with a proprietary SanaGloss treatment, cleaning is kept to a manageable level with the bowl remaining spotless and everything flushed out of sight rather than left lingering on the sides.

With a WaterSense-compliant 1.28 GPF mechanism, you’ll save water and money while still enjoying a super-powerful flush.

For a great all-rounder, the Gwyneth is a dark horse in TOTO’s impressive stable.


  • Striking and lean lines with a one-piece configuration
  • SanaGloss glazing treatment puts paid to clogging and stuck-on debris
  • Broad and roomy basin minimizes splashback


  • Not the ideal shape for smaller apartments and bathrooms so make sure you’ve got the real estate to accommodate


Our overall favorite from this selection of the best elongated toilets is the OVE Decors EBBA.

More and more toilets are incorporating technology long championed in Asia and this model brings you enhanced comfort without going over the top.

While not exactly cheap, you won’t need to take out a bank loan to smarten up the smallest room in the house either.

So, for a tech-driven gem you’ll be almost eager to use, think seriously about treating yourself to the EBBA when it’s time to uprate your bathroom.

Check out our other toilet reviews as we break down all the most effective models by brand and also by category and come back soon!

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