7 of the Most Effective Faucet Water Filters (New! 2020 Reviews)

When you’re looking for water filters that not only remove contaminants but also help to alkalize your water, a counter top system is a solid choice.

These systems are often referred to as faucet water filters so we’ll be looking at a handful of those today.

We also have some straight-up faucet filters giving you a broad spread of choice with something for all needs and budgets.

1) APEC Water System Portable Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (RO-CTOP)

Comprehensive 4-stage filtration

APEC’s 4-stage filtration is ideal for fighting back against everything from chlorine and cadmium to arsenic and lead. Kiss goodbye to contaminated water and say hello to crisp and clear liquid as good as anything you could buy in a bottle.

As with all RO water, the hit you take is the removal of minerals but the end result is untainted water for all the family.

Works with all standard faucets

You’ll need a regular faucet for this system. The APEC won’t work with pull-out or sprayer faucets so check for compatibility before committing to purchase since this system is not cheap.

Compact and portable with no tank required

A great travel unit, this filtration system is small enough to take with you on the road and you won’t need a tank either.

Lifetime technical support

To complete an exceptional package, you’ll qualify for free lifetime support in the rare event of anything going amiss. You can’t ask for much more than that.


  • Fits almost any standard faucet
  • 4-stage filtration including reverse osmosis
  • High capacity filters working across broad water pressure range


  • Reasonably pricey

2) Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter (MR-1050)

Simple connection to standard faucets

You’ll get all the hardware you need thrown in to connect this alkaline filter to any standard kitchen faucet.

All you need to do is remove the aerator screen from the faucet and screw on the diverter valve collar and this countertop model is ready to roll.

Removes waterborne pathogens that can cause illness

As well as chlorine and the other contaminants that can impair your water supply, the Apex also works to fight back against bacteria, viruses and cysts that can find their way into water systems.

Filter rated for 750 gallons

While you won’t get quite the same lifespan as some of the competition, this compact countertop unit is still good for filtering 750 gallons before you need to swap out the filter.

USA-made and fully certified

Buy with the confidence a US-made product inspires. The Apex also comes ratified by the NSF and FDA so you can be sure your water is safe and of the highest quality.


  • Countertop system designed to work with all regular kitchen faucets
  • Removes bulkier sediment along with finer contaminants for a complete filtration solution
  • NSF and FDA approved for your peace of mind


  • Some issues reported with build quality

3) DuPont Faucet Mounted Filter System (569994)

Removes a wide array of contaminants

As with all worthwhile water filters, you can get rid of the smell and taste of chlorine that ruins most tap water.

Beyond this, you’ll also be protected against more sinister menaces like benzene and lead, mercury and asbestos.

Everything you need to get going right out the box

You’ll get all hardware and fixings included so you can slot this filter quickly and easily onto any regular kitchen faucet.

100-gallon capacity

While a compact and affordable filter, you can screen up to 100 gallons with the DuPont.

Great price/performance ratio

As well as impressive screening ability, this faucet filter comes in priced firmly in budget territory. There’s no need to ensure sub-par water or to pay a fortune for the privilege of bottled water either.


  • Slips neatly onto a regular kitchen faucet
  • Antimicrobial protection onboard
  • Can remove benzene, lead and mercury as well as chlorine


  • Some complaints about quality control so check contents of package closely upon receipt

4) Ecosoft Countertop Water Filtration System for Faucet Mount (FMV1BOBOEXP)

6-month lifespan from filter

Rated for filtering up to 1500 gallons, a reasonable translation in real terms is 6 months of use before needing a replacement filter.

The manufacturer points out this is the equivalent to burning through fully 200 plastic water bottles so as well as making your life more convenient, you’ll be doing your part for the environment, too.

Coconut-based activated carbon

With the European-style coconut-based activated carbon, you’ll get none of the contaminants like chlorine or lead while being sure the beneficial minerals remain in your water.

Free filter included

First-time customers are entitled to a free replacement filter giving you even greater value for money.

Multiple colorways to suit your kitchen décor

Take your pick from several bright colors to inject a dose of personality into an ordinarily bland kitchen appliance.


  • 6-step DIY installation couldn’t be much easier
  • Slimline unit ideal for smaller kitchens
  • Excellent filter lifespan


  • Some complaints about leaking

5) E-Starlet Faucet Filter

Easy adjustment with a single lever

Using the one ergonomic lever, you can enjoy all the benefits of filtered water without any tasky operation.

Purify your drinking water on a budget

Not only is this faucet filter a solid ally in purifying and filtering all the waterborne pathogens from your supply, it comes very competitively priced. You don’t need to drop a fortune on convoluted filtration systems for great results.

Stainless steel body with brushed steel finish for durability

This faucet filter looks good in both stark, minimalist kitchens and more traditional, homely hubs.

Steel build means the cartridge is rated for 500,000 uses.

Tested for high pressure

This faucet filter will withstand even higher pressure water systems and comes fully certified as lead-free.


  • Rock-solid stainless steel build
  • Ceramic valve with no washer for total precision
  • Cartridge built to stay the distance


  • You’ll need an escutcheon with standard sink holes

6) iSpring Countertop Water Filter (CKC1C)

Carbon block cartridge

The coconut-shell carbon block filter can get rid of 95% of chlorine, sediment, VOCs and industrial chemicals that render your drinking water less than palatable.

Get pH-balanced water

As well as ensuring that no pathogens remain, you’ll also enjoy purified water with the pH levels brought back into check so you’ll get alkalinized drinking water the easy way.

Can be used in RVs or boats

A portable unit, this makes a good fit in your RV or boat if you don’t want to install it in the kitchen. It’s a highly versatile unit.

Lifetime technical support

As with many water filtration systems, you can take advantage of free lifetime technical support. This is a reassuring touch and shows how iSpring stands behind its products.


  • Transparent housing takes guesswork out of filter replacement
  • Easy to install in compact kitchens with no drilling called for
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • No adapters included

7) Waterdrop Faucet Filtration System (WD-FC-01)

Reduced lead and fluoride in your water

Attacking all contaminants head-on, the Waterdrop means you don’t need to worry about fluoride or lead in your water while you can also eliminate most of the chlorine along with other pollutants.

Beneficial minerals left behind

While this filter sees off anything that shouldn’t be in your water, you won’t find it stripped of those helpful minerals so you can enjoy crisper, cleaner drinking water without dipping out on the health benefits. They’ll be no flat taste either as you can sometimes find with RO systems.

Solid lifespan

The filter is rated for 320 gallons which should give you roughly 6 months of use before you need to swap out the cartridge.

High flow rate despite robust filtration

Even though you can rest assured your water will be efficiently screened and purified, you’ll still get a high flow rate capable of producing 10 cups of water a minute.


  • Unlike many filtration systems, this faucet model removes fluoride
  • Multi-stage filter with cheap replacements available in 3-packs
  • Decent flow rate of 0.5 GPM


  • Some users struggled to fit this onto the faucet


We trust one of these faucet water filters addresses your particular pain point.

Maybe you’re still not entirely convinced a faucet filter is the most appropriate system for you. If that’s the case, explore our detailed guide breaking down all the various categories of water filtration at your disposal.

Come back soon as we’re constantly updating Top Ten Water with all the finest water appliances to set off your home.

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