6 Best Inline Water Filter Systems Money Can Buy

When you’re looking for inline water filter systems, you might often see them labeled under counter systems.

This type of filter is usually added to the supply serving your kitchen’s main cold water faucet.

Inline filters effectively serve as part of your water supply.

One of the key selling points of this type of filtration is its always-on nature. If you’re looking for a simple, user-friendly and highly efficient method of filtering the water so it’s better to drink, explore our snapshot of 6 of the best models on the market.

1) Brondell Under Counter Water Filter (UC300)

Powerful 3-stage filtration

The triple-tiered filtration with carbon blocks will remove almost all impurities clouding and impairing your water supply.

From chlorine and chloramine to cysts and lead, get rid of all these contaminants without lifting a finger. Just pop this inline system under the sink and you’re good to go.

You’ll also notice a distinct difference in VOCs and TDSs (total dissolved solids) ensuring your water is crisper than ever before.

LED faucet supplied

You will need to use the faucet bundled but it’s sleek, effective and packs a subtle LED light to alert you when it’s time to swap out the filter. When it’s time to do this, you’ll find it remarkably simple…

Easy-change filters with impressive capacity

The twist-and-seal system in place puts paid to breaking out the toolkit and lets you swap out the filters with ease even if you’re not practically inclined.

The filter is rated for 600 gallons which could give you a year of service.

Compact and space-saving system

Despite the unimpeachable filtering ability of this system, it occupies a small footprint and will slot neatly under the sink even in confined cabinets.


  • Combination of highly efficient filtration and space-saving dimensions
  • WQA-certified for compliance with low lead regs
  • Quick connect hoses eliminate need for tasky installation


  • You’ll need to use the supplied faucet

2) CuZn (UC-200) Ultra-High Capacity Under Counter Filter

Triple-stage filtration

You should first be aware of what this system doesn’t do. It’s not a water softener and not designed to combat total dissolved solids.

The 3-stage filter will, on the other hand, remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, mold and other sediment that can contaminate your water supply.

Unlike carbon-only filters, you won’t find mold growing inside your system either due to its bacteriostatic nature.

Incredible filter capacity

Rated for 50,000 gallons, you could achieve up to 5 years of use from a single filter.

Leave your water containing everything you need and nothing you don’t

While the CuZn effectively strips away the pollutants from your water supply, you’ll leave all those beneficial minerals in place giving you a more robust and healthful effect as compared to RO systems.

Class-leading warranty

As well as a 90-day money back period giving you peace of mind, the system is backed by a solid 5-year guarantee removing any niggles from purchase.


  • Bacteriostatic filtration inhibits mold growth
  • Leaves minerals intact while removing chemical contaminants
  • Connects directly to cold water line in your kitchen


  • No reverse osmosis so doesn’t reduce TDSs

3) Doulton Under Sink Inline Water Filter (W9330958)

Straightforward installation with everything bundled

If you’re put off the idea of water filtration systems thinking they’ll be hard work or expensive to install, you might want to rethink that.

This inline system comes with 3/8-inch push-fit connectors so you can be up and running in no time without calling in a plumber.

Ceramic filter is easy to clean

When the efficient ceramic filter starts to silt up, scrub it down with a brush to prolong lifespan.

If you don’t like the idea of the ceramic filter, you can use pretty much any 10-inch model as long as it comes with short thread mounts.

Compact unit

Another space-saver, you’ll be able to slip this system under the sink even if you don’t have the most spacious storage down below.

Impeccable brand heritage

This powerful package comes from a stellar company with a hard-won reputation for producing consistently strong water appliances at a pocket-friendly price-point.


  • Installation kit with connectors included
  • Ceramic filter combined with plastic housing for a rugged unit
  • Use any 10-inch filters with short thread mounts


  • Plastic not to everyone’s liking

4) GE SmartWater Inline Filter System (GXRLQ)

Removes a broad spread of contaminants

While it seems like a small and simple system, you can be sure this filter will see off chlorine, lead, sediment and even cysts giving you water for your ice you can be confident contains nothing damaging.

Quick change filters for ease of use

The twist-and-lock system gives you the benefit of shotgun and tool-free filter changes. After all, there’s nothing worse than installing any kind of improvement appliance if it ends up a nuisance to operate.

Works well with refrigerators lacking integrated filters

Pop this filter directly onto the existing water line of your fridge or ice maker with no plumbing required and start enjoying ice the way you buy it not made from cloudy or tainted tap water.


As with all the best filters, the GE comes within NSF/ANSI guidelines for safety and water quality so you can buy with complete confidence.


  • Attaches directly to water line of fridge or ice maker
  • Attacks and removes multiple contaminants including lead and asbestos
  • Enjoy neatly filtered ice in your drinks without hitting the store


  • 6 month filter lifespan not as lengthy as some of the competition

5) iSpring (CU-A4) 4-Stage Under Sink Inline Filtration System

Eliminate 99% of all contaminants

The multi-layered filtration attacks the full gamut of pathogens that can taint your water supply. From chlorine and heavy metals through to viruses, bacteria and cysts, you’ll enjoy water that tastes crisper and cleaner than ever before.

Regulates pH levels for balanced water

As well as removing all those nasty impurities, you’ll enjoy some degree of respite from especially hard water, too. With pH levels brought neatly in check, you’ll get water tasting as good as if it came from a plastic bottle without the environmental footprint or the expense.

Backed by FDA and NSF/ANSI

All standards for safety and quality of water are met with this powerful multi-level inline water filter.

Excellent customer care and support

Along with unbeatable lifetime technical support, you’ll benefit from iSpring’s commendable customer care if anything goes amiss with your filter. Too many brands pay lip service to this area while iSpring truly deliver.


  • Full 4 stages of filtration
  • Removes tiny particles down to 0.1 microns
  • Lifetime technical support is a wonderful touch


  • Reasonably bulky so make sure you’ve got the room to accommodate

6) Watts Premier Under Counter 3-Stage Water Filtration System (WP531130)

3-stage system including reverse osmosis

You can be confident this triple-tiered filter will reduce everything that shouldn’t be in your water from larger sediment like dust and rust down to the tiniest particles.

With reverse osmosis and hollow-fiber technology, the only drawback is the removal of potentially beneficial minerals.

Overall, we consider this a price worth paying for water as crisp and clear as it’s possible to get from an inline system.

Ceramic faucet included

You’ll get a sleek Watts faucet thrown in and everything required for a tool-free installation comes packaged.

Auto shut-off for easy filter changes

When it’s time to swap out the filters, auto shut-off means you won’t get any leakage and you’ll have your system running on all cylinders again in minutes.

Fully WQA-certified

With all requisite certification, you can invest in this comprehensive inline water filter without any headaches or niggling concerns about either safety or water quality.


  • Reverse osmosis system for complete treatment
  • Super-simple installation so get up and running in minutes flat
  • Eliminates VOCs


  • Water flow reduces over time so keep on top of filter changes


Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for an inline water filter that fits your needs here today.

Check out our guide to water filters by category if you’re still in any element of doubt about which type would work best in your home.

Bookmark Top Ten Water for all the impartial guidance you need on any water appliances for your home and come back soon!

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