6 Best Low Flow Toilets: We Review The Hottest Ones on the Market

Toilets are the main source of water used in most homes responsible for roughly 30% of all water consumption.

A traditional toilet could use as much as 3 .6 gallons per flush (GPF) amounting to 18.8 gallons of water per person every day. Rolled out over a year, a family of 4 could use a remarkable 26,000 gallons of water annually.

Low flow toilets must meet EPA WaterSense guidelines of 1.6 GPF. This is now federally mandated with the law put into place back in 1994. With this type of toilet, you can achieve significant savings in terms of both water consumption and the amount you’ll pay when your bills hit the mat.

So, if you want to save money while doing your part for the environment, we’ve got 6 of the very strongest but most water-efficient toilets for you today. We’ve mixed things up across a range of brands and price points so there’s something for everyone.

6 Top Rated Low Flow Toilets

1) Kohler Santa Rosa Elongated One-Piece (3810-96)

Remarkably water-efficient

You only get a single flush mechanism with the Santa Rosa but this makes operating a cinch.

With all the power you need to sluice away even stubborn waste, you’ll only use 1.28 gallons of water per flush to achieve this.

Multiple colors to suit most bathrooms

Choose from an array of colors including this biscuit model.

The Kohler palette is wide enough to give you plenty of choice but understated enough not to look over the top or out of place.

Super-simple to clean thanks to sleek one-piece design

As with all one-piece toilets, clean-up is kept to an absolute minimum and you’ll also find the footprint compact enough for more cramped bathrooms.

With very few hiding places for any dirt and bacteria to accumulate, you’ll enjoy the utmost in hygiene with the least possible effort on your part.

ADA-compliant seat

If anyone in your family has a disability or suffers from mobility issues of any kind, the Santa Rosa comes with a welcome comfort height seat.

Along with the elongated bowl, this translates to a comfortable and ergonomic experience.


  • Ideal for smaller bathrooms thanks to sleek and low tank
  • Simplified cleaning thanks to less places for grime and bacteria to hide
  • Minimal clogging with canister flush valve and glazed trapway


  • Some reported issues with rings appearing in homes with harder water

2) American Standard Tropic Elongated One-Piece (2786.128.222)

High-performance flush

Many low flow toilets let you down when it comes to flushing power. The American Standard Tropic is not one of them.

With an oversized flush valve and PowerWash rim, you can enjoy powerful performance while still saving water.

EPA WaterSense-certified for water-efficiency

Coming in well below federal limits of 1.6 GPF, you’ll only get through 1.28 gallons of water per flush so you can save plenty of money on those water bills and reduce wasting precious water while achieving those savings.

Cleaning simplified

The PowerWash rim hoses the toilet down effectively when you flush.

You’ll also get glazing treated with EverClean so you won’t find debris sticking unattractively to the sides.

With a concealed trapway to ice the cake, you won’t be squandering too much of your valuable time on cleaning while the toilet will remain hygienic and spotless.

Design-led toilet

Despite all these winning features, the Tropic looks the part, too. With clean and elegant lines, you’ll get a toilet that makes a real statement while saving a great deal of water at the same time.


  • A toilet that looks striking but it’s not a case of form over function
  • Uses only 1.28 GPF so qualifies as a water-conserving toilet
  • Solid and built to last while requiring little maintenance or cleaning


  • The Tropic is not particularly cheap

3) AquaSource Henshaw Chair-Height Single-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (T802)

All you need included to get going straight out the box

With the seat, wax ring and mounting bolts bundled, you won’t need anything except supply lines to get this toilet set up.

Installation is straightforward so you can do it yourself or call in a plumber for a quick and easy job that shouldn’t run you a great deal.

Compliant with EPA WaterSense requirements

The Henshaw calls for a mere 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

This AquaSource toilet is testament to the fact you don’t need to lash out too much to get a highly water-efficient toilet in line with EPA WaterSense guidelines.

Don’t think you dip out in terms of performance, though…

Single-flush mechanism is remarkably powerful

The single-flush gravity-fed mechanism and 3-in-1 flush valve combine to make sure all waste is efficiently dispatched where it belongs.

Plenty of room to sit down and ADA-compliant for access

The combination of elongated bowl and two-piece layout gives you more than enough room when you’re seated.

At 17 ¼ inches from the ground, you’ll be able to get up and down from the right-height seat even if you find problems with mobility.


  • Flush is powerful, quiet and highly water-efficient
  • Glazed trapway makes for smooth performance with no debris caught on the sides of the bowl
  • ADA-compliant and well within EPA WaterSense regulations


  • A few customers have complained about water rings occurring over time

4) Delta Faucet Single-Flush Elongated Two-Piece (C43913-WH)

Substantial toilet without sacrificing comfort

First thing’s first, you will need plenty of room to accommodate this toilet.

The two-piece configuration and elongated bowl might occupy a substantial footprint but in return you’ll get a comfortable toilet that’s easy to relax on rather than feeling cramped.

Outstanding price/performance ratio

This toilet from Delta Faucets comes with features you’d expect on a pricier WC despite being pitched firmly in budget territory price-wise.

Water-conserving single-flush mechanism

WaterSense-certified with a 1.28 GPF single-flush mechanism, operation is seamless while water-conservation is top-notch.

First-class customer care

Delta Faucet Company has a real and concerted focus on all aspects of customer care.

If you do encounter any problems whatsoever, you’ll enjoy a brisk and helpful solution from one of their team.

Responsive and helpful customer service

In the unlikely event you do run into any issues, Delta Faucets take pride in delivering brisk and helpful customer care so you can buy without a headache.


  • Uses just 1.28 gallons of water per flush without compromising performance
  • Chair-height seat ADA-compliant and ideal for anyone with mobility issues
  • All installation kit and hardware comes bundled along with the seat


  • Although flushing solid waste can be problematic, the manufacturer advises holding the flush for slightly longer to circumvent this

5) Niagara Stealth Two-Piece Single-Flush Round (77001RWHAI1)

The epitome of a water-efficient toilet

Niagara Conservation are pioneers of what’s known as the ultra-high-efficiency toilet.

The flush in place uses an astonishingly low 0.8 gallons of water per use. This is literally half the required 1.6 GPF to meet water conservation regulations.

The flush actuator itself is neatly tucked away and you won’t need to press it more than once even with stubborn solid waste.

Quiet despite exceptional power

Along with that incredibly eco-friendly flush and all the performance you need to deal even with more resistant waste, the Stealth is as quiet in operation as its name hints.

The flush is pressure-assisted and comes accompanied by potent and effective siphon jots. Along with a glazed trapway, you’ve got everything you need to ensure all waste is sluiced away without waking up the rest of the family during the night.

Tank refills in a flash

Those siphon jets along with a remarkably powerful fill valve mean the tank tops itself up again in short order if you do ever need to re-flush.

Class-leading 10-year warranty

Crowning a winning package, Niagara guarantee their toilets for a full decade allowing yout o buy with complete confidence.


  • Round bowl is a space-saver while comfort and roominess are not compromised
  • Pressure-assisted flush is much quieter than that type are known to be
  • Almost no maintenance required thanks to Flapperless technology onboard


  • You’ll need to buy the bolts and seats as they don’t come in the package

6) Swiss Madison Concorde One-Piece Dual-Flush Square Elongated (SM-1T106)

Innovative square design

With a square seat and striking geometric lines, the Concorde is design-driven just like the plane it was named for but without the same narrow nose.

While you might resist the idea of a square toilet, the look actually meshes brilliantly with most bathroom design schemes and will make a commanding statement without looking over the top.

Roomy but a substantial footprint

With an elongated bowl, this toilet doesn’t work so well in smaller bathrooms. If, though, you’ve got the space to house it, you’ll be rewarded in terms of space and comfort.

Dual and water-conserving flush

Choose from a 0.8 GPF partial flush or more powerful 1.6 GPF full flush, both firmly meeting EPA WaterSense guidelines.

Quick-release, soft-close seat

The seat is designed to close gently and without slamming while you can detach it with ease to simplify cleaning.


  • 8 GPF mechanism on a par with the Niagara Stealth for award-winning water conservation
  • Sleek, one-piece layout keeps maintenance streamlined while improving overall hygiene
  • Seat detaches to make cleaning even easier


  • Although this toilet is extremely comfy, it also eats up a fair amount of bathroom real estate


We hope that one of these half-dozen water-efficient toilets makes a neat fit with your bathroom and budget.

If you’re still stuck for ideas, browse all our toilets which we’ve classified both by brand and type to make your life easier.

Come back soon as we’re constantly updating Top Ten Water to bring you the finest water-related appliances for your home along with a bunch of informative guides.


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