8 Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews (Expert Buying Guide)

Water filtration systems come in all shapes and sizes.

Today, we’ll be doubling down on a broad spread of reverse osmosis (RO) systems.

With an RO system in place, you’ll get multi-level filtration with anywhere from 5 through to 11 stages capable of eliminating chlorine, TSDs (total dissolved solids), and heavy metals from your water.

Taste will be improved, and all bacteria and viruses prevented from contaminating your supply.

We’ll jump right in now with a snapshot of 8 of the finest RO water filtering systems up for grabs.

1) APEC Water System RO-90 Ultimate Series

The most substantial under-sink reverse osmosis water filter system, the RO-90 Ultimate Series can treat 90 gallons of water a day.

Highly efficient double carbon blocks get rid of chlorine as well as a range of other chemicals from arsenic through lead.

Certified to WQA Gold Seal standard, this filtration system is super-swift as well as remarkably efficient. Purify your water up to twice as quickly as with much of the competition.

A chrome faucet free of lead and any other contaminants completes a highly attractive bundle.

If you’re looking for water that tastes crisp while ensuring it’s almost entirely free of all chemicals and pollutants, the RO-90 punches significantly above its weight.


  • Highest rated under-sink RO filter at 90 gallons per day
  • Removes 99% of all contaminants including chlorine
  • Lead-free faucet thrown in


  • Customer service can be less than responsive

2) Aquasure AS-PR75A-BN Premier Advanced

Stepping down in terms of capacity to 75 gallons per day, production is nevertheless robust enough for most households.

As well as a rapid flow rate, the filter is designed to prevent up to 99.9% of all contaminants from spoiling your water supply. From bacteria and viruses through to lead, chlorine, fluoride and more, kiss goodbye to tainted water for good.

Simple twist and click installation differentiates this model from many of its competitors. Maintenance is also equally simple and the high-performance filter is built to last. You’ll get no channeling or bypassing at any of the multiple stages of filtration.

Working pressure is anywhere from 40 to 75 PSI.

This makes a solid choice if you’ve got medium to high demand for water and you’re not looking to spend a fortune on filtration.


  • Installation is a cinch and you’ll require very little by the way of maintenance
  • High rate of rejection sees of practically all waterborne contaminants
  • Precision engineered and built to last with lifetime tech support as added peace of mind


  • A bulky unit so make sure you’ve got enough space to accommodate under the sink

3) Brondell Circle RC100 RO System

Another potent reverse osmosis system with a chrome faucet bundled, the compact but potent Brondell Circle is a high capacity unit with a slimline form factor.

Despite such capable performance and wide-sweeping filtration, this system measures up at just 13.8 x 9.2 x 16.5 inches and weighs in at less than 15 pounds.

Filtration hinges on the proprietary Smart Valve and circular reservoir bringing efficiency uppermost. Much quicker than electric systems, you’ll still rest confident that your water is stripped of chlorine, barium, radium, cadmium and all the other usual contaminants that detract from the quality of your supply.

With back pressure minimized, you’ll experience far less wastewater than many RO systems burden you with.

The Brondell Circle proves good things can indeed come in small packages so what are you waiting for?


  • WQA Gold Seal certified for optimum purity
  • 4-stage system offers robust and complete filtration
  • Powerful performance combined with space-saving design


  • A number of complaints about speed of operation

4) Clover Compact Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage System

The space-saving Clover Compact is a water filter harnessing reverse osmosis and a first-class membrane capable of removing all contaminants and also total dissolved solids.

You can slip this system under your sink with ease thanks to the quick connections and the slim housing. There’s also a fridge and ice maker kit thrown in.

The filtration comprises of a sediment filter, a pre-carbon filter, RO membrane tailor-made from TSDs and a carbon and mineral combo to neutralize any unpleasant odors. You’ve got all bases covered for lip-smackingly clean water at the rate of 28 gallons per day.

While this is marketed as commercially-rated, it’s actually very much a residential model so don’t fall for the hype.


  • Membrane sees off TSDs (total dissolved solids)
  • Swap out the filters fuss-free with no wrench required
  • 23 gallon per day capacity more than fit for purpose for this type of filter


  • Faucet is slightly flimsy

5) Express Water Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis Filter System

This system packs a huge 11 stages of filtration…

There’s a sediment filter then a pair of carbon filters (ACB and GAC) to get rid of chlorine and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The RO membrane is protected by the work of these early stages and this is responsible for those awkward TSDs.

Stepping up to the fifth through ninth stages, you’ll get minerals, antioxidants and oxygen added into your water.

UV sterilization removes microorganisms and bacteria with the 11 stages rounded out thanks to a PAC filter which makes a sweeping final pass.

If you’re looking for a complete purification and filtering solution, this Express Water system will make a fantastic addition to your home.


  • Class-leading 11 stages of filtration
  • With UV sterilization, you can kill off all bacteria and viruses endangering your water supply
  • Despite such performance, DIY set-up is a breeze


  • Not NSF certified

6) FS-TFC Reverse Osmosis Under-Sink

If you’ve got relatively limited space under the sink but you don’t want to compromise on water filtration, this RO system can be wall-mounted or popped into a smaller sink cabinet since it measures just 10 x 10 x 14.5 inches.

Capacity is an outstanding 100 gallons per day and this is delivered at a brisk rate so you won’t be standing on ceremony.

Installation is simple enough but you might need to dig around online for assistance since the instructions included are less than clear. Once you’re done, make sure you flush the pipeline and activate the filters for fully 30 minutes.

Thanks to the reverse osmosis, you’ll enjoy clean, delicious water with no chlorine or contaminants left behind.


  • Compact and lightweight model ideal for smaller kitchens
  • High flow rate capable of generating a cup of crisp water in 5 seconds flat
  • Impeccable build quality and lifetime technical support


  • Instructions are extremely poor

7) Global Water RO-505 5-Stage RO System

Global Water’s RO-505 gives you a 5-stage system capable of seeing off all those damaging contaminants clogging up your water supply.

After the 5-micron sediment filter, you’ll get a GAC coconut shell 10-inch filter with activated carbon. This sees off chlorine and VOCs along with cleaning up the taste and smell of your water. The CTO coconut shell filter at stage 3 gets rid of residual chlorine will also making your water less cloudy.

The RO membrane forms the fourth stage and it’s here all dissolved chemicals are screened. The final cartridge filter brushes up the taste and smell further.

Installation is simple and with the quick connect fittings, you shouldn’t need to call in professional assistance.

For an efficient, no-nonsense approach to RO filtration, Global Water hits a home run with this system.


  • 5-stage filtration gives you a solid defense against all pollutants in your water supply
  • Lead-free faucet and tank for your peace of mind
  • Quick connect fitting help you get going straight out the box


  • A few reported issues with quality control so check the contents of your package carefully

8) iSpring RCB3P Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis System

Stepping things up a notch, the iSpring RCB3P is perfect for smaller commercial applications alongside residential use.

A trio of 100 GPD reverse osmosis membranes combine to deliver a massive 300 GPD in total.

This system is compatible with just about any pressurized storage tank but that’s obviously not included.

With an integrated booster pump, water pressure is elevated so it’s just how you need it for reverse osmosis. This takes a standard ¼-inch fitting. Elsewhere throughout the system, 3/8-inch fittings.

With oversized 20-inch filters, this system can trap up to double the amount of contaminants of a standard lighter-duty unit.

The class-leading capacity, exceptional build quality and tight brand heritage makes this among the bet reverse osmosis filters for your home.


  • Cut out for light commercial use as well as being a great fit in the home
  • Generates a phenomenal 300 gallons of water per day catering for even demanding needs
  • Booster pump onboard to increase water pressure if required


  • Certainly not cheap so make sure you need a system that’s this heavy-duty


We’ve tried to cover a range of different styles and price-points with this collection of reverse osmosis water filtration systems so there’s something for everyone.

Drop us a line if you’ve got any questions at all and take a look at our handy water filter buying guide for a capsule summary of all the various type of filters at your disposal.

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