5 Best Shower Head Water Filters Ever Made? Our Expert Analysis Below

When you’re looking into the different types of water filtration systems, it can be confusing to know which best suits your needs.

A whole house system can work well but this type of filtration is also costly and can be tasky to install.

One thing’s certain, though…

The last thing you want is to shower in water that’s in any way contaminated and the good news is, you don’t need to.

Check out this breakdown of 5 of the most effective filtered showerheads so you can get an inexpensive and hard-hitting point-of-use system.

1) AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Showerhead (AHG15S)

15 stages of filtration

The metal housing comes with a cartridge filter containing both vitamin C and vitamin E along with an exceptional 15 stages of filtration.

The rain showerhead does more than deliver an invigorating shower experience. The purifier means an end to chlorine, heavy metals, rust or sediment marring the water you wash in. Activated carbon and calcium sulfate, along with other minerals, give you exceptional filtration at an extremely reasonable cost.

6-month cartridge lifespan

The cartridge is designed to last roughly 6 months based on normal usage so you won’t be constantly scurrying off for expensive replacements.

Sidestep the need for whole house filtration

Perhaps you don’t want to invest the time, money or hassle into installing a whole house water filter system but you don’t want to wash in contaminated water either. This point-of-use showerhead means you can shower using water at its finest without any trouble at all.

Fits all shower types with straightforward installation

Suitable for any kind of shower, tool-free installation is an absolute snap.


  • Get the benefits of a rain showerhead with onboard filtration
  • Purifies and revitalizes water
  • Packaged attractively with 5 shower caps and Teflon tape bundled


  • Cheap O-ring can cause leaking

2) Barclay’s Better Buy Home Goods Filtered Shower Head

Dual-filtration for the best of both worlds

This dual-stage system works on one hand to reduce the chlorine tainting your water while on the other it not only filters toxins but also adds beneficial minerals.

While the maifan stones used are claimed to soften water, their core benefit is in filtering nasty smells while also helping to soften your skin. This is achieved by the regulation of your oil glands and it’s an innovative touch.

Combats TDSs

Unlike many showerhead filters, the nifty example can also combat total dissolved solids giving you a refreshing experience without any of the nasty TDSs that can contaminate your water.

Increase water pressure

With micro-holes, you should see an increase in water pressure with this invigorating rain showerhead while you’ll use a mere 2 gallons of water per minute. Do your part for the environment without compromising your enjoyment in the shower.

No-quibbles money back guarantee

If you’re not entirely satisfied with performance across the board, you can call in a no questions asked refund. What’s not to love?


  • Uses bio-active minerals to help balance your oil glands
  • All chemicals effectively removed
  • Rain shower head with a flow rate of 2 GPM for water conservation without impacting pressure


  • Won’t efficiently soften hard water

3) Swelldom High Pressure Showerhead with Filter

45 jets delivering extreme pressure

If you’ve got extremely low water pressure, the design of this showerhead with its 45 jets allowing you to get the most from your supply. Flow rate will be optimized and you can enjoy the powerful shower of your dreams.

Multiple spray functions

There are 5 types of spray to choose from: rain, mist, massage, rain/massage, rain/mist. However you’re feeling on the day, manipulate the spray to suit. Get a burst of rain in the mornings or some more gentle mist and a pulsing massage spray when you’ve finished work.

Stainless steel filter mitigates hard water clogging

Thanks to the stainless steel filter, you won’t just get powerful streams of water but also an absence of limescale or clogging caused by excessively hard water.

Sleek chrome finish

To ice the cake, this is an elegant showerhead that would look equally at home in a modernist and minimal bathroom or in a more traditional set-up.


  • 4-inch high-pressure showerhead with rainfall spray
  • Hooks up to any regular shower arm fuss-free
  • Everything you need included down to Teflon tape


  • Some users report difficulties tightening showerhead

4) Vibency Showerhead with Filter and Water Softener

Vitamin C cartridge with calcium sulfate for multiple benefits

The cartridge on this shower filter is built to last 6 months. You’ll get filtered water whether it’s hot or cold thanks to the calcium sulfate onboard while the Vitamin C helps with your skin.

Chlorine will be efficiently removed so you can breathe easier with none of that nasty chemical smell spoiling your shower.

Balances pH levels in your water

As well as purifying the water, you’ll get a little help with softening hard water too so those pH levels are nicely regulated.

Inline system that doesn’t impact water pressure

You’ll get a consistent water pressure once this showerhead is installed with none of that annoying dip in performance that plagues some weaker filters.

Fits all shower types with no tools required

The universal connections allow you to slot this showerhead onto just about any type of shower with no need for a bag of tools or any tasky installation.


  • Calcium sulfate purifies water regardless of temperature
  • Minimize dry skin along with itchiness
  • Simple, tool-free installation


  • Some issues with threading so take care installing

5) WASSA High Pressure Showerhead with Filter

High-pressure jets even at lower flow rates

Do you have lower water pressure in your home? If so, there’s no need to suffer from a weak shower as a consequence. The jets on this showerhead deliver a robust and potent spray even if flow rate is less than impressive.

45 self-cleaning nozzles for your convenience

The nozzles will clean themselves meaning you won’t need to spend too much time or effort keeping your new showerhead pristine. This will also help minimize leaking and clogging.

Everything you need to get going straight out the box

With the package including everything you need down to the Teflon tape, you can be up and running in minutes with simple and tool-free installation.

Lifetime guarantee

To crown a comprehensive package, you’ll be covered by the manufacturer for the lifetime of the product. You can’t ask for much more than that.


  • Self-cleaning nozzle keeps maintenance to a minimum
  • Powerful rain spray even when pressure is lower
  • Lifetime warranty for your peace of mind


  • Non-adjustable showerhead which is a disappointment


Hopefully you’ve found one of these filtered showerheads that meshes with your needs and they all come in at pocket-friendly prices.

Don’t forget to bookmark Top Ten Water as your default resource for all water-related appliances in your home. We’re not here to bring you filler products which is why today’s list includes only 5 models. All we want is to bring you the very best.

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