7 Best Whole House Water Filters on Earth (Must Read)

When you’re looking for robust filtration of all water throughout your home, there’s just no substitute for a whole house system.

These complete systems offer exceptional durability while eliminating the need to swap out filters more than a couple times a year.

With multi-level filtration to ensure your drinking water is clear of contaminants while tasting crisper and cleaner and a generally impressive flow rate, read on as we highlight the 7 best whole house water filters across all major brands…

1) 3M AquaPure Whole House Water Filtration System (AP903)

Carbon filter

This whole house water filter comes packing a carbon filter ideal for removing the smell and taste of chlorine from your drinking water.

Great capacity and filter life

The stated capacity of the cartridge is 100,000 gallons equating to roughly 1 year of regular use but a few users have complained they noticed a drop in water pressure after a few months and needed to renew the filter sooner.

Resists corrosion

Build quality is robust with a stainless steel head to mitigate corrosion.

Chlorine-free water in a pocket-friendly package

While you won’t notice much difference with TDSs (total dissolved solids) in your water, you’ll ensure most contaminants are removed. You should see a marked difference in the taste of your drinking water as well as any unpleasant odors being removed.


For a cost-effective if basic approach to water filtration, this model is worth your further investigation.


  • Cartridge super-simple to change for unrivalled ease of use
  • Excellent 20 GPM flow rate
  • Get 1 year of use from the cartridge


  • Some complaints about filter lifespan not living up to manufacturer’s claims

2) Culligan Inlet/Outlet Whole House Water Filtration System (HD-950A)

Solid housing compatible with Culligan filter cartridges

Know off the bat you’ll be getting just the housing with this whole house filtration system. You’ll need to buy the R50-BBS, RFC-BBS or CP5-BBS filters separately. You should also be aware that this housing is plastic. If you’re OK with that, what makes this systems so good?

Double the capacity of many competing filters

This filter has the capacity to filter all the water throughout a larger home or even a swimming pool. This gives you more than double the performance of a regular 10-inch filter.

Broad temperature and pressure range

The Culligan system is flexible in the extreme. Pressure range spans from 30 PSI through 125 PSI and temperature is from 40 to 100 Fahrenheit degrees.

Easy installation

You’ll get a wrench included and the 1-inch inlet/outlet will connect to your cold water line fuss-free.


  • Ideal for residential use as well as light commercial applications
  • WQA-certified for your peace of mind
  • Removes rust, dust, sand and sediment leaving your water cleaner than ever before


  • Plastic housing not to everyone’s taste

3) DuPont Universal Whole House Filtration System (WFPF13003B)

Affordability without compromising performance

A cheap water filter is useless if it ends up failing to deliver. This whole house system from DuPont manages to come in at a bargain basement price while still filtering the water in your home or office so it’s sediment-free.

Uses universal filters

You won’t be pegged to using proprietary filters giving you increased choice and the chance to save money. You’ll be able to use more or less any 10-inch filter with this housing and there’s a poly block cartridge thrown in.

Great brand heritage and solid warranty

Along with a dependable 3-year limited warranty, you can also buy with confidence from a company founded way back in 1802 and still going strong today.

15,000-gallon capacity

For clear and sediment-free water throughout the whole house, this 15,000-gallon unit will increase the lifespan of your appliances while giving you improved drinking water at the same time.


  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Reduces sediment in your water supply
  • Uses a regular 10-inch filter


  • Does not remove lead or TDSs

4) Express Water 3-Stage Whole House Water Filter (WH300SCGS)

Comprehensive multi-stage filtration

With a 3-stage system including carbon and charcoal filters, you can remove chlorine, dust, sand and sediment from your water fuss-free. You’ll also ensure no insecticides or herbicides make their way into their drinking water thanks to highly efficient filtration.

Easy to see when filter needs changing

Swapping out filters couldn’t be quicker or easier and you’ll be able to see at a glance when you need to change them for a user-friendly experience all the way.

High capacity flow connectors

The high-flow design enables you to filter up to 0.25 gallons of water per second giving you pace along with raw performance.

Eliminate VOCs

As well as reducing the turbidity in your water and screening all contaminants, you’ll prevent any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from entering your drinking water supply, too.


  • Rock-solid 3-stage filtration system
  • NSF/ANSI-tested components for rugged build
  • Quick and easy filter changes


  • Instructions are poor

5) GE High-Flow Whole Home Filtration System (GXWH40L)

Filters your water at the main supply

You can tuck this whole house filtration system out of sight and enjoy crisper, cleaner water filtered at the main supply. This system is only designed to work with city water supplies, though.

Straightforward installation

You’ll get a 1-inch connection included along with a pressure relief valve and mounting bracket so DIY installation is simple. If you need to call in a plumber, it will be a quick and easy job that shouldn’t run you too much.

3-month filter life

You’ll need to swap out filters every 3 months which is less than ideal. We give GE props for being honest here, though. Many manufacturers make bold claims about filters lasting a year only for many users to find these claims are optimistic to say the least.

Brisk flow rate

Flow rate of 4 gallons per minute is swift enough for most purposes and completes a fine package at a budget price-point.


  • Easy to install in the basement or anywhere else out of sight
  • See filter with ease through transparent sump
  • Magnetic filter reminder light for your convenience


  • Only works with city water

6) Home Master Whole House 2-Stage Water Filter (HMF2SmgCC)

Dual-stage filtration

The primary filter actually packs 4 layers of filtration and at this stage you’ll eliminate all larger sediment. The mixed media second-stage filter includes activated carbon and helps to remove heavy metals and chemicals while improving the taste and smell of your water at the same time.

Class-leading flow rate

Hitting fully 10 gallons per minute, the Home Master outperforms most of the competition where flow rate is concerned.

Exceptional capacity

The 95,000-gallon capacity should give you a genuine year of use before you need to replace the filters. This saves you time, effort and money for the triple-win.

No discernible dip in water pressure

You’ll achieve all of these impressive results without spending a fortune and without any tedious drop in water pressure either.


  • Outstanding 10 GPM flow rate
  • Sees off chlorine along with chloramines and heavy metals
  • Oversized filters for increased efficiency


  • Does not eliminate total dissolved solids

7) iSpring 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System (RCC78K)

Triple-stage filtration

You’ll get a sediment filter along with a pair of carbon blocks giving you less clogging and very little pressure loss while still offering extremely robust filtration…

Removes 98% of contaminants

From chlorine and chloramine to industrial solvents and VOCs, the only thing you won’t be protected against is TDSs. You’ll need a reverse osmosis system to take care of this.

Top-notch capacity

With a capacity of 100,000 gallons, you can enjoy clean water for an entire year before you need to replace the coconut shell carbon filter. This is a reasonable estimate as well rather than the baseless claims forwarded by some less scrupulous manufacturers.

Filters water from the source

Unlike a point-of-use system, this whole house filtration kit ensures that all the water is filtered directly from the source for a true set-and-forget solution to improving the drinking water in your home.


  • Multiple configurations available so you can optimize filtration according to your needs
  • 3-stage filtration eliminates chlorine, chemicals and VOCs
  • Jumbo 20-inch filters


  • No reduction in TDSs


We trust you’ve found a whole house water filtration system among our curated collection to match your needs and budget.

If you’re still not convinced a system like this is necessary, why not consider a water pitcher filter instead?

If that’s too small, browse out breakdown of all water filtration systems by category to find the best fit.

And don’t forget to bookmark Top Ten Water as your go-to resource any time you need advice on water-related appliances in the home.

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