Top 6 Delta Toilet Reviews

Delta Faucet Company specializes in bringing technology to bear on water appliances and products while not neglecting design.

Their impressive range of toilets come in at very reasonable prices at Home Depot so you don’t need to spend a fortune for an energy-efficient and feature-rich toilet that makes a statement in your bathroom.

From the 57 toilets in their range, we’ve distilled this to a half-dozen of the leading models across a range of price points and styles.

1. Delta Foundations Two-Piece Single-Flush Elongated (C43913-WH)

Single-flush mechanism conserves water every time
While you’ll only get a single-flush mechanism, the Foundations comes WaterSense rated at just 1.28 gallons per flush so you can rest safe knowing you’ll be doing your part for the environment while also bringing your utility bills down.

A water efficient toilet like this can save you thousands of gallons of water over the course of a year.

Larger footprint but comfort uppermost
While the bulky two-piece design with elongated bowl could hardly be described as space-saver, you’ll get an ergonomic experience in the bathroom.

ADA-compliant with a chair-height seat, you’ll find no problems slipping on and off the toilet even if you struggle with mobility issues.

Affordability without sacrificing performance
Despite the fully glazed trapway, powerful flush and striking design, you won’t need to dig too deep for the Foundations range of toilets. This model comes in at a very keen price-point while still keeping water-conservation front and center.

Responsive and helpful customer service
In the unlikely event you do run into any issues, Delta Faucet Company take pride in delivering brisk and helpful customer care so you can buy without a headache.


  • WaterSense-certified 1.28 GPF
  • Right height seat combined with elongated bowl for comfort
  • Complete kit included with seat and installation hardware


  • Some issues with solid waste but just hold the flush down for longer to mitigate this

2. Delta Turner Two-Piece Single-Flush Elongated (C43908-WH)

Comfort combined with aesthetics
As with the Foundations range of toilets, the Turner is best in larger bathrooms since the elongated bowl and two-piece design occupy a reasonable footprint.

On the plus side, you’ll get an ADA-compliant comfort height seat along with ample room.

Simplicity of single-flush mechanism
While for some, a single flush is a drawback, if you prefer the pared-down ease of just one 1.28 GPF highly efficient lever, this becomes a selling point instead.

No leaks thanks to SmartFit
As with all Delta Faucet Company toilets, you’ll get SmartFit connections meaning there’s no chance of overtightening fittings and damaging your toilet and no danger of leaks either.

Kiss goodbye to clogging
For powerful and clog-free performance without using too much water to achieve this, the Delta Faucet Turner is a must.


  • SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection minimizes leakage
  • High-efficiency toilet using just 1.28 GPF
  • Complete kit included with seat and installation hardware


  • Some complaints about staining

3. Delta Prelude Two-Piece Single-Flush Elongated (C43901-WH)

Get up and running fuss-free
You’ll get all the hardware you need to install this two-piece unit without calling in a plumber. If you do need professional assistance it should be a quick and easy job.

The SmartFit setup ensures there’s no leaking and you won’t need any tools to speak of either with the snap-on connections.

Compliant with ADA and WaterSense guidelines
The right-height seat sits within ADA guidelines making this toilet perfect for anyone with a disability or mobility issues.

Using just 1. 28 gallons per flush, you can also buy knowing this toilet is backed by EPA WaterSense for efficiency.

Clog-free flushing
Despite the water-conserving design of the flush, it’s powerful to sluice away even stubborn waste with no likelihood of clogging.

Sleek design
As an inbuilt bonus, the minimalist design means the Prelude fits into just about any type of bathroom décor like a dream.


  • Super-simple installation with everything bundled
  • Thorough clean considering the minimal amount of water used
  • Chair-height and ADA-compliant seat with elongated bowl


  • Not ideal in compact bathrooms

4. Delta Turner Two-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated (C43908D-WH)

Dual-flush for the best of both worlds
This iteration of the Turner is similar in most respects to the elongated two-piece directly above except it packs a dual-flush mechanism.

Use just 1.1 gallons per flush with liquid waste and ramp things up to a brisker 1.6 GPF with more stubborn waste.

Straightforward installation
As with all Delta Faucet Company toilets, you can sidestep the need for holes under the tank thanks to the SmartFit tank-to-bowl connection.

Low-slung design
While many two-piece toilets, especially those with elongated bowls, can look inelegant, the Turner is designed to fit neatly into just about any type of bathroom. This is not the best fit, however, if you’ve got a particularly cramped bathroom.

Outstanding price/performance ratio
With an enviable combination of a water-conserving lighter flush and a more powerful secondary flush along with striking design, this toilet comes in at a remarkably keen price point to ice the cake.


  • Dual-flush mechanism gives you both power and economy
  • HydroWash flush to keep cleaning to a minimum
  • Full installation kit including multi-tool provided


  • A few users have complained about problems with not enough water in bowl

5. Delta Two-Piece Single-Flush Round (C41909-WH)

Space-saving model with round bowl
Although this toilet gives you plenty of room when you’re seated, the round-fronted bowl means you can slip this WC into smaller bathrooms with relative ease.

Slow-close seat
If you’ve got kids at home and you’re tired of that relentless slamming of the toilet seat as they run back down to play, the slow-close version in place here should minimize that. With No Slip bumpers in place, there will be no unwanted shifting around of that seat either.

Comfort height and ADA-compliant
Despite coming with a fairly compact footprint, you won’t feel cramped when you’re seated. Raising and lowering yourself onto the right-height seat, compliant with ADA guidelines, is also a cinch even if you’re struggling with mobility.

Lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind
Despite being reasonably priced and well within most people’s budgets, this two-piece toilet also comes backed by a robust lifetime warranty from Delta Faucet removing any headache from purchase.


  • Round bowl to save space in smaller bathrooms
  • Ergonomic seat with slow-close mechanism
  • Classic design to complement any type of bathroom


  • Single-flush mechanism is not to everyone’s taste

6. Delta Foundations Two-Piece Single-Flush Round with Night Light (C01913-N-WH)

Night light for your convenience
Last but by no means least in our Delta Faucet toilet reviews is another model from the Foundations line, this two-piece comes with a subtle night light so you don’t need to wake yourself up with the main lights if you pop to the bathroom during the night.

Easy cleaning and maintenance
The two-piece design makes maintenance and repairs a lot easier than with a one-piece. Thanks to the SplashGuard, you won’t get water collecting under the tank while the glazed trapway ensures waste is sent where it should go rather than sticking to the sides of the bowl.

Single water-conserving flush
Using just 1.28 gallons per flush, this WaterSense-certified toilet rolls simplicity and economy into one.

Classic but understated design
As with all Delta Faucet models, you’ll get a subtle white design that’s neutral enough to mesh with any bathroom décor.


  • SplashGuard prevents liquid accumulating under the tank
  • Nifty night light ideal if you don’t want to hit the main light
  • Quick Release seat streamlines cleaning


  • Reasonably pricey compared to other Delta Faucet toilets


We trust you’ve found a toilet among these 6 from the Delta Faucet Company that will slot into your bathroom.

If you’re still not convinced you’ve come across the right model for you, check out our toilet reviews both by type and brand. We’ve collected them both ways so you can search in the way that suits you best.

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