The Best Duravit Toilets on Earth (Expert Reviews & Buying Guides)

Duravit is a German company that’s been in business since 1817.

Operating under the strapline “Your future bathroom”, the company continues to produce cutting-edge bathroom solutions today.

While a handful of Duravit toilets are not bad, we’re not in the business of bringing you average products. Even with the incorporation of bidets, wall-hanging toilets and the influence of designer Philippe Starck, we’d still suggest you look elsewhere for the most part.

There is one toilet in their range that grabs our attention, though. The Duravit DuraStyle is a space-saving solution ideal if you’re looking to kit out a compact bathroom.

What makes it stand out, though?

Duravit DuraStyle Dual-Flush One-Piece Rectangular Toilet (2157010005)

Powerful dual-flush combined flushing performance and water-efficiency

The 0.9 and 1.32 GPF options allow you to come in well below WaterSense guidelines for water-efficiency even if you opt for the full flush.

Unlike many high-efficiency toilets, you won’t be left wanting for flushing power in pursuit of an eco-friendly toilet.

The way in which the open-rim flushing technology shoots water exactly where it’s needed cuts down the need for too much water.

Straightforward installation

Installation is a cinch with the DuraStyle. Many space-saving toilets end up a real hassle to plumb in but the DuraStyle is not among them.

The one thing you will need to factor in is a seat since you won’t get one with the toilet. Choose from a seat with or without soft-close tech baked in.

Space-saving design without sacrificing comfort

Although this toilet will slot neatly into even a small bathroom, you won’t end up losing out on the comfort front.


The rectangular seat is a great deal more comfortable than you might first think. Once you get accustomed to the slightly unusual feel, you’ll find you’ve got ample room for maneuver.

Concealed trapway and striking lines for a real statement piece

The concealed trapway and integrated skirt give you a toilet with lean and commanding lines.

With that rectangular seat thrown in, you’ve got a toilet that’s easy to clean and equally easy on the eye.

Throw in a very competitive price and a 5-year limited warranty and you’ve got a winning recipe for smaller bathrooms.


  • Powerful dual-flush mechanism that could save you thousands of gallons of water per year
  • Get much more space from rectangular bowl
  • Class-leading 5-year warranty for peace of mind at the point of purchase


  • You’ll need to buy the seat separately


If you’re not sold on the concept of a rectangular toilet, what else can you do if you need to cater for a compact bathroom?

Well, a wall-hung toilet is the obvious solution but the Duravit model is not particularly strong.

Instead, we’d recommend you check out the competition.

TOTO is an industry heavyweight and the Aquia is a much finer wall-hung option but what makes it so good?

Best Alternative Wall-Hanging Toilet: TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush (CT418FG)

Dual-flush mechanism delivering remarkable economy

When you’re searching for a high-efficiency toilet, you might not like the idea of a single flush for all eventualities.

You won’t need to worry with the dual-flush TOTO. Use just 0.9 GPF for liquid waste or use the full 1.6 GPF flush for dealing with more stubborn loads. Either way, the TOTO comes in well below WaterSense requirements for efficiency.

Elegant wall-hung design saves space

A wall-hung toilet doesn’t make the best solution for everyone. If you’re looking to kit out a compact bathroom in style, though, this configuration can make a great solution.

You’ll be able to pair this toilet with an in-wall tank system from TOTO to give you a minimalist approach to the bathroom ideal for small apartments.

Great deal of flexibility with placement

The wall-hanging set-up also allows you to position the toilet at the height that makes most sense for you.

This is particularly valuable if anyone in your family struggles with mobility.

Treated glazing makes cleaning easier than ever

You need a toilet to be easy to clean and TOTO doesn’t let you down here.

The glazing is treated with SanaGloss which stops debris from sticking to the sides. This antimicrobial treatment also keeps germs and bacteria away so hygiene is uppermost.


  • Elegant and space-saving wall-hanging design
  • Dual-flush mechanism giving you economy but not at the expense of power
  • SanaGloss glazing stops clogging


  • Installation is relatively tricky


Well, have you decided whether the German Duravit deserves a place on your shortlist?

If not, how about the mighty TOTO?

We’ve arranged the huge number of toilets here on Top Ten Water by category and by brand. If neither of today’s offerings give you what you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find something that will.

Bookmark our site as your go-to resource for water-related products and come back any time you need some guidance.

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