7 Best Gas Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Do you want hot water on demand when you’re at the campsite, fishing by the river or out on the trail?

If so, we’ve curated 7 of the strongest tankless gas water heaters to make that a reality.

All these models come loaded with tech and packed with safety features.

Next time you head off-grid, kiss goodbye to cold showers and say hello to a much more comfortable camping experience.

We’ve also thrown in a whole-house solution so you’ve got all bases covered and you’ll soon be cooking with gas!

1. Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

The key benefit of the Camplux 5L is the fact you can liven up your camping or outdoor trips with hot water on tap to make things more comfortable. For anyone who travels frequently, the portability of this unit is a game-changer.

You’ll need remarkably little water pressure to get started and output is rated at 1.32 Gallons Per Minute. While this might seem a little low, in return for a dip in flow rate you’ll enjoy hot water for longer.

Kicking out 34,000 BTU per hour at the upper end and operating in a broad pressure range of 2.5 PSI through 110 PSI, this is a potent and flexible heater.

Battery-powered ignition means you won’t be limited to areas on the grid giving you even more versatility.

Whether you want to take a shower, bathe your pets or wash down your car, invest in the Camplux and start upping your game on the road.


  • Compact design with folding handle ideal for outdoor use
  • Robust 1.32 GPM flow rate for continual hot water on the go
  • Low water pressure of 2.5 PSI to fire up


  • Doesn’t work at elevations above 2000 feet

Eccotemp is a solid presence in the water heater vertical and the L10 is tailor-made for life on the road.

Running on a standard 20-pound tank of propane, the temperature range runs from 50 through 140 Fahrenheit degrees.

As with any decent outdoor unit, safety features are uppermost. Auto shut-off kicks in after 20 minutes of activation so you don’t need to worry about the kids leaving the water running and getting distracted.

Everything you need is bundled from a handy rain cap to a regulator and all installation kit.

Operating this heater is a cinch with a couple of simple buttons enabling tweaks in water pressure and temperature. You’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Ideal for use in elevated areas and packing battery-powered ignition perfect if you’re off-grid, this lightweight 27-pound tankless gas water heater is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Adjust pressure through a broad range
  • Works well at elevations to 5500 feet
  • High flow rate of 2.6 GPM considering this is a portable unit


  • Showerhead doesn’t come included

A whole-home unit from Eccotemp, the i12-NG is finished in a lean, mean black and looking atypically striking for a simple water heater.

If you’ve got a smaller home or a vacation cabin out on the trail, this neat little design-driven tankless heater looks great. Is it a case of form over function, though?

Absolutely not. Intelligent control means temperature is regulated automatically. This adds a neat layer of convenience and puts paid to fiddling with knobs and dials when all you want is a hot shower the way you want it.

With a touchscreen and pared-down LCD display, you can see all key metrics at a glance.

The unit is childproofed to prevent any tampering and the safety-tested electronic ignition means you can plug this unit directly into a standards 110-volt outlet.

For more compact homes without particularly challenging hot water demands, the Eccotemp i12-NG delivers consistency and restrained power in a sleek and user-friendly appliance built to stay the distance.


  • Commanding aesthetics ideal for minimalist homes
  • Temperature control is automated and childproofed
  • Powerful 4 GPM flow rate


  • Doesn’t work well in larger homes over 3000 square feet

Rounding out our trio of Eccotemp tankless heaters, the L5 is the original portable water heater tailor-made for camping trips.

As with all the best travel heaters, all you’ll need is a pair of D-cell batteries rather than electricity for ignition purposes.

Optimum pressure range falls between 20 and 80 PSI. Flow rate is modest but you’ll still be guaranteed of hot water on demand which is what counts when you want to camp in comfort.

Enjoy a broad spread of applications from washing animals and vehicles. You’ll even be able to hook this water heater up to a pressure washer for enhanced flexibility.

While the portable tankless water heater vertical is becoming more crowded, Eccotemp has a stranglehold on this niche and the hard-hitting L5 is yet another fine example of why that is…

Get performance and affordability in a slimline 18-pound unit measuring just 14.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches and inject your camping trips with a dose of comfort and convenience.


  • Diaphragm pump and strainer included increasing value
  • Shower hose with rugged stainless steel hose
  • No electricity required thanks to battery-powered ignition


  • 5 GPM flow rate is not strong but fit for purpose

5. EZ Tankless EZ 202 Portable Propane Gas Heater

EZ Tankless serves up a highly portable tankless heater neatly designed for use where access to electricity is problematic but where you still insist on hot water whenever you want it.

Once you’ve negotiated the relatively tasky set-up, operation is automatic and wonderfully streamlined.

You’ll be protected against inadequate water pressure. Also, if the flame suddenly cuts out, the gas supply will be interrupted for safety’s sake. With a 20-minute auto shut-off, you’ll run no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning either. All these safety features are key with portable heaters but are sometimes sadly overlooked.

You need very little pressure for ignition purposes and you won’t require any electricity either.

Winter/summer switches and a proportional valve combine to broaden inlet water temperature to suit the season.

For simplicity and ease of use with plenty of tech underpinning it, this tankless gas water heater is a strong choice from a brand you can trus


  • Weighs a mere 15 pounds for ultimate portability
  • An agile and impressive 3.2 GPM flow rate
  • No pilot light design and no electricity required


  • Set-up calls for non-standard fittings

6. GASLAND AS150 Tankless Water Heater

Another remarkably portable unit, you’ll need to accept some compromise with flow rate – it’s just 1.5 Gallons Per Minute – to achieve this travel-friendly convenience.

The last thing you want is a noisy water heater if you’ve fled the urban chaos to get back to nature. Not only does the AS150 run quietly, you’ll also get an extremely energy-efficient unit so you’ll use less gas and save your wallet and the environment.

While flow rate could be more robust, you’ll still enjoy hot water on demand. You always expect some trade-off with smaller heaters so this is certainly not a deal-breaker.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with this heater, you can call in a no-quibbles refund so what are you waiting for? Why not give this GASLAND heater a shot?


  • Exchanger and burner designed to be super-quiet and highly energy-efficient
  • Low water pressure start-up combined with respectable 38,000 BTU per hour output
  • Sound 1-year warranty with money back guarantee removes sting from purchase


  • Digital temperature not displayed in Fahrenheit

Industry specialists, Rheem water heaters are not cheap but they consistently pitch up top-tier products that are rugged, highly capable and adaptable. The RTG-95XLN is no exception.

This heater is powerful enough to serve a whole house with up to 3 bathrooms in the southern states or a pair of bathrooms in colder climates.

If you grab the responsive app, you’ll be able to take charge remotely from your smartphone a small but valuable touch.

Choose from either propane or natural gas and bask in thermal efficiency rated at 94%.

With the class-leading 10-year Rheem warranty as added incentive, if you’ve got a fluid budget and demanding hot water requirements, this outdoor tankless water heater is a must.


  • Rated for low NOx emissions
  • Hit flow rates of up to 9.5 GPM
  • Combination of top-tier performance and space-saving design for the double win


  • As with all Rheem heaters, not a budget-friendly option


Our overall winner from these gas water heaters is the Eccotemp L10 but why is that?

Well, the Rheem is priced too highly to make it a catch-all solution and also unsuitable for use in the great outdoors.

Of all the Eccotemp models, the L10 hits that happy medium of affordability, flow rate and build quality. You can also use this heater at higher elevations and you’ll get all those crucial safety features, too.

If this sounds like something that meshes with your needs, the Eccotemp L10 is a first-class provider of hot water on demand.

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