How To Relight a Water Heater

How to Reignite

So, the hot water is not working. I know from a little background knowledge that this is an indicator that the pilot light needs to be ignited again. My bravery senses are tingling and I think we should try to fix this problem on our own. Well, let’s get to it! The sooner this gets fixed is the sooner you can take that steamy hot shower that you deserve. Please keep reading to learn how relight a water heater.

Use Your Senses And Analyze The Situation

Just like any home improvement procedure, we have to inspect our situation carefully for accuracy and safety. Here are some things that you should inspect for just to be on the safe side.

  • Is your water not getting hot at all?
  • Is your hot water heater making noise?
  • Do you smell gas anywhere in the house?

If you answered yes to the first question then you may just need to relight your water heater pilot light. If you answered yes to any of the other questions, you may be experiencing a gas leak or pressure problems. This may require a more difficult set of tasks to be done that requires professional help as soon as possible.

Is The Flame Still Lit?

The first step to turning on your water heater’s flame is seeing if it is off in the first place. This means that you need to find the flame. No, I am not talking about the love flame we all may be searching for. Unfortunately, this one is strictly for the water heater.

  • First- Review the instructions on your water heater. This should give you a thorough over standing of what to expect.
  • Second-Pull off the covering to your pilot ignition area. This cover is usually found at the bottom half of the water heater. A simple pull should remove it. If not, you may need to use a simple screwdriver to access the area.
  • Third- There will be a window that is usually located on the bottom right of the area. If you see an obvious flame, you do not need to relight it. If there is just a dark window with no flame then please proceed to the next step.

Please also remember to smell around for any gas smells. If you smell any gas you could be at risk of a fire or explosion.

Check To See If Gas Revolver Valve Is Off

This step is critical in ensuring your safety. Before You even think about igniting the flame you should check the gas line to make sure that it is off. If you do not know how, please follow these steps carefully:

  • Find the quarter turn ball valve that is located on the gas tube.
  • If the knob is facing downward is perpendicular to your gas line then it is off.
  • If it is in line with the gas pipe then it is not off. And wait for a few minutes for the supply to clear out. This step will also eliminate the possibility of accidents happening while you are manipulating the machinery.

Turn The On/Off/Pilot Knob To Pilot

This knob should be red. It should have the words on, off, and pilot on it. Please turn the circular knob to the pilot setting. This will prepare the water heater so that it functions properly when you ignite the pilot flame. you can push the red button down that is next to it. Also, it is important to make sure that the temperature is at it’s lowest setting for this step to ensure that you do not get burned or injured.

Once the water heater is set to light the pilot you can now press down the gas release button.

You can push the red button down that is next to it. Some models actually allow you to push down the pilot so that it functions as the release button. If this is the case then push down the button. Also, it is important to make sure that the temperature is at it’s lowest setting for this step to ensure that you do not get burned or injured.

Turn The Gas Back On

Now that everything is all set up you are practically almost done! Now, please reposition the knob in the gas tube so that the gas can be distributed. Please remember that the knob should be aligned with the hose.

Press Down The Red Button

Now that the gas is on, you can open up the opening. This step will allow the gas to travel to where the flame will be lit. it is also recommended that you hold down the button for at least 30 seconds to ensure that it is warm enough to maintain the pilot.

It may help if you think of this step as though you are using a hand lighter. You push the button or pull the revolver so that the striker meets the gas. This brings us to our final result!

Ignite The Flame And You’re Done!

There should be a longer red button located on the right-hand side. This will Ignite the flame. This striker should give a quick response. Once this is done, you should see a nice little flame it the window. Please also release the gas supply button. For more information about how this step works please visit  this source (

 Adjust The Temperature

Now you can adjust the temperature gauge to whichever temperature you would like! After your temperature is adjusted you can put the cover back onto the water heater! Congratulations! You did it! You saved money and fixed a simple problem on your hot water heater all by yourself!

If you need a visual demonstration, please check out this video:


  1. What happens if the flame does not ignite on my first try?

If the flame does not ignite on the first try or goes out please wait a few minutes, turn the valve off and then retry the entire process.

  1. Why does the pilot flame go out?

The pilot flame can go out for numerous amounts of reasons. It could go out because of an unexpected fluctuation in the pressure or wind could simply blow out the flame.

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