3 of the Best (and Best Deals!) Jacuzzi Toilet We’ve Ever Seen Anywhere, Ever

Choosing a toilet might seem the easiest thing in the world but, once you start researching, you’ll be bewildered by options and it can be tough to differentiate between them.

Jacuzzi has a comprehensive range of budget toilets with genuinely impressive performance and efficiency. Here at Top Ten Water, we try to cater for all tastes and budgets but we will never bring you cheap products unless they also deliver results to our home improvement professionals (and aspiring pros).

All these toilets meet guidelines from ADA and EPA WaterSense so you can buy with complete confidence whichever model you opt for.

We’ve limited ourselves here to just 3 of the strongest performers in the Jacuzzi lineup so read on and see if any of these water-conserving toilets meet your needs…

1) Jacuzzi Primo Chair-Height Dual-Flush One-Piece Elongated (SW07959)

Elegant appearance

The one-piece design confers many benefits. Cleaning is stress-free since bacteria and debris will be left with far fewer places to hide.

Beyond this, the single piece is far easier on the eye than a bulkier two-piece layout. The back of the toilet is raked back at an attractive, sweeping angle making this the ideal centerpiece if you’ve got a minimalist, design-driven bathroom.

Seat designed to prevent banging

Do you have kids in your home prone to slamming the toilet seat down when they’re done? If so, you’ll appreciate the slow-close seat in place on this Jacuzzi rendering that jarring banging a thing of the past.

The seat is also positioned at just the right height for anyone who has problem moving around or anyone with a disability. ADA-compliant and sitting 17 inches high, you’ll feel much like you’re sat in a regular chair.


With a dual-flush mechanism, you can opt for a partial flush calling for a highly efficient 1.1 gallons of water while the full flush uses just 1.6 GPF.

WaterSense-certified, you’ll rest secure knowing you’re doing your part for the environment while also bringing those water bills down through reduced consumption.

And the best thing? You won’t get stiffed on the performance front to achieve these savings with your Jacuzzi toilet.

Installation kit thrown in

While you’ll get everything you need in the package to install this toilet straight out the box, the instructions could certainly use some work.

Set-up is ostensibly simple but you might find yourself a little confused. If so, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer. Support is responsive and helpful.


  • Curved and commanding aesthetic
  • Dual flush with 1.1 GPF and 1.6 GPF water-efficient options
  • Soft-close and comfort height seat is ADA-compliant


  • Installation instructions leave something to be desired

2) Jacuzzi Lyndsay Chair-Height Single-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (SW09959)

Elongated two-piece giving you ample room for maneuver

Comfort is uppermost with the affordable Jacuzzi Lyndsay. From the elongated bowl through the chair height seat, this two-piece makes sure you won’t feel cramped in the restroom where additional home improvements would be warranted.

The two-piece design also means any repairs or maintenance are simplified with easy access from all angles.

Single-flush mechanism is simple yet water-efficient

Although you’ll only get one choice with the flush, you’ll enjoy simplicity along with the security of a water-conserving toilet.

The flush requires just 1.28 gallons of water per use and the 2-inch trapway combined with agile mechanism should eliminate the need for double flushing that blights some water-conserving toilets out there.

Reduced rough-in ideal for smaller spaces

With a 10-inch rough-in, this toilet might be roomy but the Lyndsay will fit in more compact bathrooms with relative ease.

Complies with both WaterSense and ADA regulations for the home run

A chair-height seat brings this simple but effective toilet in line with ADA guidelines for the disabled.

The 1.28 GPF flush ensures you’ll also be in line with EPA WaterSense recommendations for water-efficiency completing a winning package at a pocket-friendly price-point.


  • Exceeds all industry standards for efficiency and performance
  • Glazed trapway promotes swift and effective flushing
  • Elongated bowl for added space but relatively slimline form factor


  • Flushing mechanism might be effective but it’s reasonably noisy

3) Jacuzzi Lyndsay Chair-Height Single-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (SW08959)

Standard-sized 12-inch rough-in

This iteration of the Lyndsay is practically the same as the SW09959 above apart from the rough-in.

This regular 12-inch model might not make such a neat fit in compact spaces but you’ll enjoy a seamless and stress-free home improvement installation.

Two-piece design for easy access

As long as you’re happy with the appearance of a two-piece, you won’t need to contort yourself if you’re conducting routine maintenance with everything easily accessible.

Should anything go amiss, this configuration also makes it more practical to make repairs rather than needing a replacement toilet.

Elongated bowl and chair height seat perfect for larger adults

If you’re looking for a spacious toilet that also makes home improvement and access simple for anyone with movement issues or disabilities, the ADA-compliant comfort height seat is tailor-made.

You’ll also enjoy the benefit of an elongated bowl. While this eats up a little more room, the trade off is an ergonomic experience when you’re seated.

Unbeatable price without sacrificing performance or aesthetics

As with all Jacuzzi toilets, you won’t need to dig too deep for the Lyndsay. If you’ve been hunting for a sleek and understated toilet that gives you strong performance across the board, this model is well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Trapway glazed to ensure all waste is sluiced away not stuck to the sides
  • Plenty of space to sit without the Lyndsay dominating the bathroom
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio


  • Some customers have complained about the need to flush more than once with bulky waste


Have you decided if Jacuzzi is the brand for you? If so and you follow through by purchasing one of the above models, feel free to get in touch and let us know how you get on with your home improvement projects. We always welcome first-hand reports of appliances in use.

Maybe you’re still undecided and there’s no need to rush. Take your time and browse our site for a detailed breakdown of the best toilets on the home improvement market divided up both by brand and also by type.

Come back next week when we’ve got a batch of helpful informational home improvement guides coming your way.

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