Which Kohler Toilets Kick Ass? We Review Six of The Best (Read Below)

Kohler has an exceptional reputation and has been in business since the late nineteenth century.

Adding modern technology to that classic heritage, these toilets are impeccably designed while boasting show-stopping performance into the bargain.

At first glance, the range seems vast but we’ve stripped it down to basic for you. Many of the slightly different model numbers simply refer to different colorways of the same toilet.

We’ll dive right in now with a curation of the 6 best Kohler toilets in multiple configurations.

1) Kohler Highline Classic Elongated Two-Piece (14799-0)

Kohler’s affordable Highline is a classic elongated two-piece with clean lines and everything you need included save the supply line.

Unlike many models where you need to buy the seat separately, you’ll get a slow-close chair-height seat included. This is perfect for eliminating annoying slamming and comfortably accommodates anyone struggling with mobility.

The aptly named Complete Solution bundle also has everything else you need thrown in so you can get going straight out the box. Instructions are clear and set-up straightforward.

The proprietary Class 5 flushing technology onboard gives you all the power you need without demanding too much water and clogging should be a rarity.

While the two-piece design makes cleaning more tasky, the seat slips off to mitigate this. The inbuilt bonus of this configuration is the ability to make repairs rather than replacing the whole toilet if anything goes amiss.

This WaterSense-certified classic comes in white and biscuit and is an exercise in understated simplicity married to robust performance from an industry legend.


  • Seat detaches for ease of cleaning and its slow-close mechanism is great if you’ve got kids in the house
  • 28 GPF WaterSense certified for efficiency while still delivering ample power
  • Super-simple installation with hardware included


  • Water level quite relative to the top of the bowl

2) Kohler Cimarron Round Front Two-Piece (3887-U-G9)

The Cimarron is one of Kohler’s best-selling models and comes in an array of colors from this muted sandbar through to a striking black-on-black.

The 3887-U-G9 comes with a round front. This gives you a little more leeway to install this WC in more cramped bathrooms while you’ll still get a comfortable seating position thanks to the chair-height seat meeting ADA guidelines.

An innovative lined tank ensures you’ll get no accumulation of condensation even when humidity levels are high. This prolongs lifespan while also minimizing clean-up.

You’ll be backed by the standard 1-year limited Kohler warranty so you can invest with complete peace of mind.

Using just 1.28 gallons per flush and packing AquaPiston technology to promote highly efficient flushing, get the firepower you need without squandering too much water to achieve it. The Cimarron complies with EPA WaterSense efficiency recommendations.

While you won’t get the bells and whistles present on Kohler’s more elaborate smart toilets, you won’t be faced with a ruinous bill either. The Cimarron delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t in a no-nonsense and pocket-friendly form.


  • Insuliner inhibits condensation from forming on the tank
  • AquaPiston canister channels water from all angles for a hyper-efficient flush
  • Complies with both ADA and WaterSense regulations


  • Seat and supply not included

3) Kohler Memoirs Elongated Two-Piece (3817-U-7)

Perhaps you’ve got a pared-down and minimalist loft and you’re looking for a toilet that’s different without going over the top.

If so, the Memoirs 3817-U-7 comes in black-on-black with the expanse of color broken up by a chrome flush.

The technology baked into the flushing system differentiates the Memoirs line from the competition. You’ll need only the most delicate of pressure and just 1.28 gallons per flush but doesn’t this leave you with insufficient power?

Far from it. The pressure-assisted AquaPiston system shoots water through a full 360 degrees. Through gravity and a siphon created during flushing, you’ll get all the muscle you need for even stubborn solid waste.

If you live somewhere with elevated humidity levels, the neatly lined tank keeps condensation away and your toilet tank spotless.

The classic two-piece design promotes ease of access and makes any repairs or maintenance a cakewalk.

If you’ve got a fluid budget and exacting tastes, the Kohler Memoirs makes an intelligent investment for any bathroom and comes with the usual year-long guarantee.


  • Commanding colorway to inject a dose of individuality into your bathroom
  • Right-height seat and elongated bowl come together to deliver comfort without eating up too much real estate
  • Oversized flush valve maximized performance while reducing the chance of wear and tear


  • Not the cheapest toilet but still outstanding overall value

4) Kohler Santa Rosa Elongated One-Piece (3810-96)

The Santa Rosa is another stellar toilet from Kohler’s broad and deep range.

Again available in a suite of colorways, the 3810-96 is finished in a muted biscuit, neutral enough to fit in with just about any bathroom décor.

The one-piece layout comes with the advantage of making clean-up easier while also taking up less room so this toilet is tailor-made for tight bathrooms or apartments. Since grime and bacteria don’t have the same nooks and crannies to accumulate in, hygiene remains uppermost, too.

While it won’t take up too much room, the chair-height seat in line with ADA recommendations and the elongated bowl means it won’t feel cramped even for larger adults.

As with all Kohler toilets, it’s the power of the flush where quality and precision-engineering become fully apparent. You’ll get all the oomph you need to see off bulkier waste and this is achieved while remaining within WaterSense guidelines using an eco-friendly 1.28 gallons per flush.


  • One-piece design means cleaning is simplified with dirt and bacteria having fewer places to hide
  • Canister flush valve serves up supreme performance with almost no chance of clogging
  • Space-saving configuration with low-slung tank so works well in smaller bathrooms


  • Some reported issues with rings appearing in homes with harder water

5) Kohler Cimarron Elongated Two-Piece (3609-RA-0)

This iteration of the Cimarron is also a two-piece layout but comes with an elongated bowl providing a little extra space. The 3609-RA-0 is finished in white but you can also choose from almond or biscuit if you fancy something a little less clinical.

As with all Kohler WCs, you’ll be ADA-compliant thanks to the right-height seat and this will ensure anyone in your family with mobility problems can slide down into action with ease.

The water-conserving flush earns the Cimarron that all-important WaterSense certification. Do your part for the environment while also saving a few bucks when your water bill lands.

With proprietary DryLock installation, you can virtually eliminate any chance of leakage. Set-up itself couldn’t be simpler and you’ll be up and running in no time.

For a simple but effective toilet coming in at a keen price-point with lean, clean lines and all the weight of Kohler’s reputation behind it, the elongated variant of the Cimarron is a classic with just cause.


  • Smooth and consistent flushing giving you ample power while only using 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Comfort height seat and elongated bowl for an ergonomic experience
  • No drilling of bolts holes required so a leak-free tank


  • Two-piece configuration allows more bacteria to be trapped in crevices so make sure you clean up regularly

6) Kohler Memoirs Classic Elongated Two-Piece (3817-U-95)

To round out, we’ve got the Stately model from the Memoirs line coming with an elongated bowl and two-piece structure.

This ice gray colorway is a refreshing change from stark white. If you want to opt for something even more unusual, there are ample choices to mesh with any color scheme in your home.

While Kohler’s toilets all come with design uppermost, the core purpose is delivered upon in fine style. Ultimately, without an effective flush, any toilet is a waste of time and money. The technology onboard ensures you’ll meet with no resistance whatever you need flushing.

Despite impressive flushing power, the Memoirs is rated at 1.28 GPF allowing you to save significantly over the course of time compared to using a regular non-water-conserving alternative.

For a back-to-basics toilet that won’t let you down in terms of looks or performance but won’t break the bank either, the Memoirs Stately is a comfortable and efficient option from an industry leader.


  • Choose from 7 bold finishes to inject a dose of class into your bathroom
  • Unique flush valve design leaves almost no material exposed increasing durability
  • AquaPiston technology uses gravity and the siphon created to make certain all waste gets where it belongs with no clogging and no residue left behind


  • Reasonably costly but great price/performance ratio


If pressed to choose just one Kohler from this half-dozen, we’d roll with the Memoirs elongated two-piece finished in black-on-black.

This model manages to hit all bases from the water-efficient flush to the comfort height seat.

The lined tank staves off condensation while the innovative flush valve punches above its weight.

With all the mechanics immaculately engineered, the Memoirs also makes a real conversation piece so check it out and consider adding it to your bathroom when you’re looking for an upgrade.

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