Niagara Toilets Are Everywhere, But Which Ones Are The Best? We Review The Top 3 Rated Toilets Below So You Can Decide

Back in 2009, Niagara Conservation launched a range of toilets labelled as ultra-high efficiency.

In these eco-conscious times, there’s a sizeable market of consumers who want to use less water in their toilet without compromising performance.

The Niagara lineup uses a remarkably low 0.8 gallons of water per flush, half that required to qualify for EPA WaterSense certification.

On top of this, the technology onboard delivers a brisk, potent but whisper-quiet flush living up to the Stealth name bestowed on these toilets.

We’ve handpicked a trio of their finest models so read on to see if any of these would suit your needs…

1) Niagara Stealth Two-Piece Single-Flush Elongated (77000WHAI1/N7714 N7717)

Extreme water conservation

Pioneers of the water-conserving toilet, Niagara Conservation manage to serve up this two-piece with a remarkably efficient flush using just 0.8 gallons of water per use.

This makes the Stealth series class-leaders on the eco-friendly front but does that mean you’ll end up left wanting for performance?

Absolutely not!

Stealth flush chamber and air transfer system

When water starts filling the inner chamber, air gets pushed through the transfer tube. When this pressure in the trapway forces the water to rise, an oversized water spot is created.

When you press the flush button, water gets forced through rim holes so the surface is thoroughly doused. A small and direct siphon jet forces water efficiently to flush waste while also helping to refill the tank.

Tank designed to keep noise to a minimum

The noise-cancelling fill valve means you’ll get all the power you need without the tiresome sounds that can issue from poorly-designed toilets.

There’s no flapper either so you’ll get no leaks and no wasted water either.

Glazed trapway so the bowl stays clean

The 2-inch glazed trapway along with all that tech baked in means you won’t be wasting time cleaning up since everything stays spotless with little effort on your part.


  • Uses a remarkably low 0.8 gallons of water per flush
  • Commanding and elegant design
  • Noise-cancelling tank so no disturbances during the night


  • A fairly bulky unit so not ideal for smaller bathrooms

2) Niagara Stealth Two-Piece Single-Flush Round (77001RWHAI1)

Over sized fill valve for rapid refilling of tank

With a large diameter, the highly effective fill valve means you won’t need to wait for the tank to refill between uses.

Along with a little assistance from the siphon jets, the rapid refill.

Powerful yet extremely quiet in operation

The pressure-assisted flush gets the job done first time and it’s remarkably quiet into the bargain. The Stealth really does live up to its name.

A fully glazed trapway, ruthlessly efficient siphon jets and packing a Premium rating from MaP, you’ll get a hard-hitting mechanism without using gallons of water to achieve that power.

The ultimate in water-efficiency

Marketed as the world’s first ultra-high-efficiency toilet, for once the reality lives up to the hype.

You’ll be using a mere 0.8 gallons per flush but in return you’ll get more than enough oomph to dispatch even stubborn, solid waste without clogging or re-flushing.

The flush button itself is unobtrusive and built to stay the distance.

Not just EPA WaterSense compliant, the Stealth uses just half the water required for that certification so you can buy with a clear conscience knowing you’re doing your part for the environment.

Outstanding 10-year limited warranty

As with all Niagara Conservation toilets, you’ll benefit from an incredible 10-year warranty giving you complete peace of mind. This also demonstrates quite clearly the faith the manufacturer places in their products.


  • Hydraulic technology and whisper-quiet flush
  • Flapperless technology keeps maintenance close to zero
  • Round bowl for a space-saving footprint


  • Seat and bolts are not included

3) Niagara Stealth Two-Piece Single-Flush Round (N772614R)

Low friction ceramic surface

Another modern classic from Niagara Conservation, this single-flush two-piece comes with a slick ceramic surface to help keep cleaning fuss-free.

You’ll get no debris clinging to the sides and the glazing ensures all waste is sent packing without fanfare.

EZ height design ideal for anyone with mobility issues

While the round bowl doesn’t give you as much room for maneuver as an elongated alternative, the chair height seat – Niagara term this EZ Height – makes sitting or standing a cinch even if you’ve got problems with mobility.

The two-piece configuration might add a little extra effort to cleaning but this is mitigated by other touches like that ceramic surface. On the plus side, the layout makes repairs or maintenance much simpler while also streamlining installation.

Space-saving and water-saving in one elegant package

Although you’ll find ample space for sitting, the compact footprint of this Stealth model makes it a neat fit in smaller bathrooms.

With that ultra-high-efficiency flush, you’ll stay very safely within EPA WaterSense guidelines and you might very well qualify for a rebate.

Use just one flush to remove all waste

If you’ve tried water-conserving toilets before, maybe you’ve been disappointed and found you needed to flush repeatedly. Obviously, this defeats the purpose of using less water in the first place.

You’ll get none of this with the Niagara line and a single flush should be more than enough to get rid of all kinds of waste.

The button itself if tucked out of sight on the top and it’s durable enough to last for years. That unimpeachable 10-year Niagara warranty safeguards you on that front anyway.


  • FluidMaster fill valve rugged and reliable
  • Use just 0.8 gallons of water per flush without compromising power
  • Understated low-slung design


  • You’ll need to make provision for a seat


Not only do Niagara toilets save you water on a scale unrivaled by any other toilets on the market, they come in at very keen prices, too.

Hopefully, one of the above 3 models makes sense for your requirements. If not, we’ve explored a huge spread of the best toilets available here at Top Ten Water. These are all broken down by brand and by category to simplify your searching.

Come back soon and browse around our archives for more of the best water-related products for your home.


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