What Are The Best OVE Decors Toilets? Let’s Find Out Below!

OVE Decors specialize in bathroom and lighting fixtures as well as outdoor furniture.

DIY-friendly and design-driven products are sold across all major US and Canadian retailers as well as online.

A family-owned company with a mission statement of delivering upscale gear at affordable prices, you won’t need to dig too deep in return for a quality toilet.

We’ll highlight a trio of their leading models so you can see which makes the best fit in your bathroom.

1) OVE Decors Caspian Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated

Skirted design and concealed trapway keeps clean-up to a minimum

The two-piece design of the Caspian means it sits better in larger bathrooms but this configuration of toilet comes with a significant advantage if you’ve got the space to accommodate…

If you need to make any repairs or carry out routine maintenance, a two-piece makes that so much easier.

With the concealed trapway fully glazed, you won’t get any debris clogging on to the sides of the bowl so your overall effort cleaning is kept to the bare minimum.

Right-height seat with quick release

The ADA-compliant seat is comfort height so perfect if you or anyone in your family suffers from a disability or generally finds problems with mobility.

Hit a button and the seat neatly detaches so you can streamline cleaning further.

Saves water while still offering powerful flush

The dual-flush mechanism gives you the choice of using just 1.06 gallons of water per flush if you have lighter waste to sluice or 1.59 GPF if you want a full flush.


These 2 options allow you to combine economy and performance in a toilet falling within EPA WaterSense guidelines for efficiency.

Oversized trapway prevents debris sticking to the sides

As well as being concealed for aesthetic reasons and fully glazed, the large trapway helps ensure all waste ends up where it should do not stuck onto the sides.


  • Spacious, elongated bowl and ADA-compliant height for your convenience and comfort
  • Large and fully glazed trapway for improved flushing performance
  • Two-piece design makes repairs and maintenance easier


  • A reasonably bulky toilet so not ideal in compact bathrooms

2) OVE Decors Beverly Dual-Flush Two-Piece Elongated (15WDP-BEVE 00-00)

Eco-friendly dual-flush mechanism

The partial flush uses 1.1 gallons per flush while you can amp things up to a full flush of 1.6 GPF for bulkier waste. This means the Beverly falls well within strict EPA WaterSense parameters for efficiency without letting you down when it comes to flushing power.

Fully ADA-compliant

The right-height seat is ADA-compliant so you’ll end up with a position much like sitting in a chair. This also makes sitting and standing easier if you’ve got any kind of mobility problems.

Super-simple installation

Although a few disgruntled users have complained about awkward installation, the general consensus is that OVE Decors toilets are a cinch to install.

You’ll get everything you need chucked in and you shouldn’t need to call for a plumber either.

Outstanding price/ performance ratio

In keeping with their stated company goal, OVE Decors serve up elegant and innovative toilets without charging you a fortune.

You’ll get the smug feeling of doing your part for the environment thanks to the dual-flush mechanism without needing to outlay a fortune for those green credentials.


  • WaterSense-certified to use 20% less water than non-compliant toilets
  • Elongated bowl and chair-height seat for an ergonomic experience and less hassle sitting and standing
  • Concealed trapway for a sleeker appearance


  • Some issues with leaking

3) OVE Decors EBBA Single-Flush One-Piece Elongated

Smart toilet at an affordable price-point

If you thought uprating the intelligence of your toilet required a five-figure bill, think again. While the EBBA could hardly be described as cheap, for a smart toilet it represents superb value and you get a great deal of bang for your buck.

From the heated seat and bidet spray to the remote control for a twenty-first century touch of class, you can ensure hygiene is uppermost without compromising comfort with the hard-hitting EBBA.

Water-conserving manual or automatic flush

A single, water-efficient 1.28 GPF flush can be set to kick in automatically or overridden if you want to flush manually. This ensures the EBBA complies with EPA WaterSense regulations for water conservation and gives you a remarkably user-friendly experience.

Warm water and air wash with adjustable temperature and pressure

As well as the heated seat which you can tweak the temperature of, you’ll get a highly effective and sanitary bidet spray. Choose from multiple spray settings to suit and manipulate water temperature to your taste, too.

The spray wand is self-cleaning to remove that unpleasant task from the equation. As well as ensuring you stay spotlessly clean, you’ll use far less tissue paper into the bargain. Not only does this reduce the chance of clogging, it’s eco-friendly in the extreme.

Take charge with remote control supplied

The small remote supplies lets you control all this intelligent functionality fuss-free.

You’ll also be able to engage energy-saving mode ensuring your smart toilet uses less energy when it’s not in use so you don’t need to worry about rampant electricity bills. The main way this is achieved is by not permanently heating the seat.


  • Smart functionality including bidet spray and heated seat
  • Manual or automatic flushing
  • One-piece design with overhanging cover and concealed trapway to make a real conversation piece


  • While not cheap, the EBBA is still strong value for a smart toilet


We hope one of these OVE Decors toilets hits the mark for you. If not, we’ve collated all the toilets on our site by brand so you can scour each manufacturer’s offering at a glance.

Also, if you’re not certain which type would be most suitable, we’ve also collated the toilets by category along with some handy information about where each style stands and falls.

Bookmark Top Ten Water and come back whenever you need the 411 on water-related appliances for your home. Our stated intent is to bring you nothing but the very best.


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