American Standard Edgemere White Round Front Two-Piece Toilet (765BB101S.020)

$199.99 $107.99

Perhaps you’re looking for a design-driven toilet but you don’t fancy spending a fortune for the
privilege. This black-on-black Structure Suite line from Foremost delivers striking good looks to
complement either a minimalist or more traditional bathroom in fine style. Be aware off the bat
that you’ll need to make provision for the seat separately. If this is no deal-breaker for you, what
do you get for your money?


American Standard’s Edgemere line consists of subtle yet elegant toilets that come in at a remarkably attractive price point. This space-saving model with a 10-inch rough-in has a round front bowl making it a neat fit even if you’ve got a small, cramped bathroom or a half-bathroom. As with any two-piece toilet, if anything goes wrong, you can easily conduct repairs rather than needing to buy a new toilet. Any maintenance required is simple to carry out, too. On the downside, cleaning is a little trickier and debris has a few more hiding places.

To address the issue of cleaning, the antimicrobial EverClean treatment helps keep bacteria and dirt off the bowl and the PowerWash Rim sends all the waste exactly where it belongs. The flush valve system in place gives you a surprising amount of power considering the water-efficiency. You won’t need to mess around with a dual-flush mechanism with the single flush using just 1.28 gallons of water each use. This HET can help you make significant savings on your water bill over the course of a year while also doing your part for the environment.

As well as meeting WaterSense regulations for water-efficiency, the Edgemere is also fully compliant with ADA guidelines with the seat positioned 17 inches off the floor. This works extremely well for larger adults and also anyone suffering from problems with mobility. The seat might not be the most luxurious but the slow-close design means you won’t face that tedious slamming that can happen, especially valuable if you’ve got kids in the house.

As with the majority of American Standard toilets, the Edgemere collection comes in at a very reasonable price point. In spite of this, you’ll get a surprisingly solid build quality backed up with a class-leading warranty and responsive customer service if anything happens to go wrong. Installation couldn’t be much easier so you shouldn’t need to call in a plumber. If you do, set-up should be quick and inexpensive. You’ll get all you need thrown in save the supply lines.

To sum it up:

  • Meets ADA and WaterSense requirements
  • Single 1.6 GPF flush
  • Chinaware guaranteed for life
  • 5-year coverage for moving parts
  • 1-year warranty on slow-close seat


Straightforward DIY installationCluttered lines
Highly water-efficientFlush lever feels fragile
Chair-height seatNot the best fit for smaller adults/td>
Treated glazingSeat feels cheap and flimsy


    • The American Standard Edgemere works well in compact bathrooms
    • Simple single-flush mechanism using just 1.28 GPF
    • ADA-compliant comfort height seat sitting 17 inches high
    • Treated glazing and PowerWash Rim simplifying cleaning
    • Sleek and understated design

    On A Final Note
    The American Standard Edgemere 765BB101S.020 is a compact yet amazingly spacious toilet that works well in smaller bathrooms while still making a striking statement if you’ve got a larger space to fill. Fully compliant with ADA and WaterSense guidelines, you’ll get powerful performance alongside extreme water-efficiency. Cleaning is kept to an absolute minimum thanks to the jets of pressurized water and the antimicrobial treatment to the glazing. Installation is well within the grasp of most people with even a basic knowledge of DIY.

    The Edgemere averages an impressive 4.5 stars from 5 across 145 reviews. With 93% of all customers actively recommending this toilet, the figures speak for themselves. What’s so good in the eyes of users, though? The balance between a slimline form factor and comfort is a regular motif. Ease of installation is singled out alongside water-efficiency that doesn’t come at the expense of flushing performance. Many happy customers praise the pricing, too.

    A couple of the more negative ratings deride the seat as being comfortable but cheap and flimsy feeling. As with any toilet, you can find the occasional review complaining about leaking. This is awkward to place too much stock in since it’s impossible to tell how the toilet was installed and the kind of use it’s undergone. Some smaller adults pointed out the toilet sits extremely high.
    For a cost-effective toilet capable of conserving water without stiffing you on the performance front, join those satisfied Edgemere customers and consider adding this understated WC to your compact bathroom.

Assembled Weight90 3/4 lbs
Assembled Depth30 1/3”
Assembled Width18 3/4”
Assembled Height30 1/3”
Bowl Height with Seat17”
Bowl TypeChair Height
Bowl Shape/td>Round
Flush Lever LocationLeft Front
Flush TechnologyFlush Valve
Flush TypeSingle
Gallons Per Flush1.28 GPF
Trapway Size2”
Installation TypeFloor-Mounted
Rough-In Size12”


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