Project Source Toilets and 3 Budget Alternatives

If you’re looking for a cost-effective toilet that’s also water-efficient and built to stay the distance, you’ve got a pretty tough job.

Project Source had some reasonable toilets, the T803 in particular, but this is now discontinued on the Lowe’s website.

What can you do instead?

Luckily, we’ve collated a trio of capable toilets that won’t break the bank and won’t cost a fortune either.

Our focus with the below models is on toilets that achieve superb water-efficiency at a reasonable price-point. We’ll launch right in now with

3 Project Source Toilet Alternatives

  1. Niagara Conservation Stealth (77000WHAI1 / N7714 N7717)
  2. American Standard 2887.216.020
  3. Woodbridge Dual-Flush One-Piece Elongated Toilet (T0001-W)

1) Niagara Conservation Stealth (77000WHAI1 / N7714 N7717)

Class-leading water conservation

Niagara Conservation puts water-efficiency uppermost and the Stealth is the world’s first ultra-high efficiency toilet.

This nifty little two-piece uses a mere 0.8 gallons of water to see off even stubborn waste. How is this made possible?

Air transfer system and stealth flush

The air transfer system in place helps to increase flushing performance without using more water. Water starts to fill the inner chamber and then air is pushed on through the tubing. Pressure in the trapway makes the water rise while creating a large water spot.

All you need to do is hit the flush button and water is pushed through the rim holes. This ensures the whole surface is thoroughly sluiced down.

There’s a little direct siphon jet that forces water to flush the waste with maximum efficiency while you’ll also notice the tank start refilling.

It seems remarkable that all this is achieved while using less than a gallon of water.

Super-quiet in operation

If you’re expecting that robust flushing system to kick out a great deal of noise, you’d be mistaken.

There’s a noise-cancelling fill valve in place on the Niagara Stealth. This gives you ample power without those annoying gurgling sounds.

Since there’s no flapper, you won’t suffer from leaks or wasted water either.

Fully glazed trapway streamlines cleaning

You’ll benefit from a 2-inch glazed trapway which means everything stays spick and span with waste sluiced where it belongs rather than getting clogged to the sides.

For a sleek and rugged water-efficient toilet that costs far less than you might fear, the Niagara Stealth is a must.


  • Unbeatable 0.8 GPF coming in well below WaterSense requirements
  • Lean and clean lines despite two-piece configuration
  • Noise-cancelling water tank so no nasty sounds during the night


  • Overall dimensions bulky so not the best fit for smaller bathrooms

2) American Standard H2Option (2887.216.020)

PowerWash Rim technology

The H2Option comes with a pressurized rim. Water feeds in from the tank and it’s trapped inside where it pressurizes the chamber.

This water is then forcibly ejected through small rim holes so the whole surface of the bowl is blitzed and left immaculate even with stubborn waste.

This is enhanced further thanks to the EverClean surface…

EverClean surface

Antimicrobial treatment to the glazing stops anything from sticking to the sides and keeps bacteria away.

This glazing helps to inhibit mold and germs and stays in place even after years of faithful service.

Unbeatable price/performance ratio

Despite coming with a great deal of nifty tech baked in, you’ll find this highly efficient dual-flush from American Standard is far cheaper than you might imagine.

Where Project Source suffered from a reputation of patchy build quality, the reverse is the case with American Standard. This is evidenced by the dependable 5-year warranty.

Super-simple installation

To ice the cake, American Standard include their proprietary Speed Connect System so you’ll be up and running in no time without too much fiddling around.

With few loose parts and most components coming pre-assembled, this toilet makes for a DIY installation as long as you’re reasonably comfortable with basic plumbing work.


  • Installation couldn’t be quicker or easier even if you choose to bypass a contractor
  • Dual-flush technology combined power and economy
  • 5-year limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • A fairly substantial toilet so make sure you’ve got room to accommodate

3) Woodbridge Dual-Flush One-Piece Elongated Toilet (T0001-W)

Elegant one-piece design for streamlined look

If you didn’t think it was possible to get a commanding one-piece layout at a bargain price-point, think again.

The only drawback with this configuration is that access is a little tougher when you need to carry out maintenance or repairs.

Installation, on the other hand, couldn’t be easier…

Installation a cinch with everything bundled

You’ll get a detailed and accurate guide to walk you through DIY installation so you could save on hiring a plumber.

You’ll also get all the hardware you need bundled except for the supply lines.

Siphonic dual-flush delivering exceptional water-efficiency

The dual-flush mechanism offers you a 1-gallon partial flush and a 1.6 GPF full flush so you can slash your overall water consumption without sacrificing firepower when you need it.

Throw in the glazed trapway and you’ll see off even more substantial waste without needing to constantly re-flush.

Cleaning and maintenance is a breeze

With a skirted trapway, cleaning couldn’t be much less trouble.

The one-piece design also gives dirt, debris and bacteria far fewer hiding places so you can remain confident hygiene is uppermost.


  • Chair-height seat for easy access even if you’ve got mobility issues
  • Quiet, capable dual-flush mechanism rolling water-efficiency and performance into one
  • Impeccable lines of clean one-piece layout


  • Some problems with flush sticking


You might well have decided to take out word for it and give Project Source toilets a swerve. Hopefully, one of the trio of inexpensive HETs above will make a neat substitute for you.

Failing that, take a good look around Top Ten Water and you’ll find it easy to navigate our enormous selection of toilets. We’ve divided them by category and by brand to make your job even easier.

Don’t forget to bookmark our site and come back whenever you need the lowdown on water-related products for your home.

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