6 Best Refrigerator Water Filters For The Money (Save $$$ With Our Buyers Guide)

Many refrigerators come with taps or ice making functions but what do you do if your water supply is unfit for purpose?

You could, of course, consider a whole house filtration system, but what about if you don’t want the expense or the potentially complex installation?

Refrigerator water filters make the perfect compromise. Efficient, affordable and compact, they come in many guises.

We’ll look at 6 of the very best options right now…

1) Culligan IC-EZ-1 Inline Icemaker Refrigerator System

3 types of filter to choose from

With a basic, advanced and premium filter in the line-up, you can choose according to the starting quality of your water. The basic version is more than sufficient for most reasonable city supplies.

Quick-connect fittings for simple installation

The head assembly fitting and screws come bundled with the filter cartridge and the EZ change system means you won’t need to fuss around or call in a plumber.

You can expect this filter to screen 3000 gallons of water giving you a potential lifespan of anywhere up to a year. We’d suggest you’d be more likely to swap it out every 6 months or so.


Backed to NSF/ANSI Standard 42, you can be confident that the smell and taste of chlorine will be significantly reduced. You’ll also be protected against class III particulates.

Excellent price/performance ratio

Considering the brisk and effective filtration, this fridge filter comes in at an extremely keen price-point for the double win.


  • Sees of chloride and class III particulates
  • Removes any bad taste and smell from water
  • Single cartridge lasts up to 1 year


  • A few reported issues with leaking

2) Frigidaire WF2CB Refrigerator Water Filter

Robust filtration system from industry giant

Along with chlorine and sediment, this filter can see off lead and cysts while also making your water crisper, clearer and less turbid.

You won’t, on the other hand, be able to combat fluoride in the water with this filter.

Lifespan is an impressive 9 months or so and the filter is rated for 200 gallons.

Broad compatibility

The filter gels with all front cassette Frigidaire refrigerators and some Frigidaire-manufactured Kenmore appliances.

NSF approved resin

You might notice some resin in the filter casing but don’t worry about this. This is a by-product of sonic welding and comes fully ratified by the NSF.

Easy to replace filter

The filter is designed to slide neatly in and out rendering replacement a breeze.


  • Reduces chlorine and sediment along with lead and cysts
  • Fits all Frigidaire models with front cassettes
  • 9-month filter lifespan


  • Will not counteract fluoride

3) FRIZZLIFE MP99 Under-Sink Refrigerator Water Filter

2-stage filtration for optimum results

The sediment filter cartridge screens larger particles to 5 microns getting rid of sand, silt and sediment.

A block carbon filter then steps in with smaller particles to 0.5 microns so chlorine, lead, heavy metals and other contaminants are safely stopped in their tracks.

The result of this combined effort is the removal of fully 99.99% of pollutants contaminating your water supply. Minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium are left in place.

Faucet included and no plumbing required

The elegant faucet thrown in comes with everything you need to attach it meaning you can get going without heading straight to the hardware store.

Easy installation

Auto shut-off makes both installation and filter changes a cakewalk.

Brisk flow rate for maximum versatility

Maximum flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute means this filter can be used as an ice maker for your refrigerator or popped under the sink. You’ll get the option of using it as a countertop model too giving you a great deal of scope.


  • Dual-stage purification
  • Super-sleek faucet included with all hardware
  • High flow rate suitable for multiple applications


  • Some issues with quality control so check contents of package closely

4) GE GXRTDR Inline Refrigerator Ice Maker

Cost-effective solution slotting on to water line in place

Coming in at a remarkably keen price-point, this GE filter simply fits onto the water line of your refrigerator or ice maker giving you a plug-and-play solution to filtration.

Reduces both chlorine and sediment

If you want to freshen up the taste of your ice, relying on the unfiltered water from an average faucet is not the best policy. Kiss goodbye to the chemical smell and taste of chlorine while also ensuring your water and ice remains sediment-free.

Swap filters out twice a year

While some manufacturers claim you’ll get a full year of use from their filters, this is often hopeful. GE projects a 6-month filter lifespan which is accurate and saves you from the ongoing expense of replacements every couple months.


As with all the best water filtration systems, this neat little cartridge is backed by the NSF/ANSI so you can buy with complete peace of mind.


  • Attaches directly to existing ice maker or refrigerator water line
  • Works with both side-by-side and top-freezer GE fridges
  • Filter should last 6 months under normal conditions


  • Quick connectors are something of a disappointment

5) iSpring CU-A4 Ultrafiltration Under-Sink Inline Refrigerator Water Filter

Class-leading 4-stage filtration

The sediment filter sees off all larger debris while the UV membrane ensures bacteria and parasites won’t get through either.

After this, a charcoal filter goes to work on more stubborn contaminants and the last carbon activated filtration stage purifies the water so it tastes just like bottled water rather than cloudy and dull.

This is not a reverse osmosis system.

Removes pollutants while retaining minerals

Despite removing everything from your water that shouldn’t be there, this filter leaves beneficial minerals in place.

FDA and NSF/ANSI-approved

The iSpring CU-A4 comes backed by the FDA with respect to all components that come into contact with water. The filter also boasts the expected NSF/ANSI certification for water quality and overall safety.

Superb warranty and customer support

The 1-year limited warranty is complemented by lifetime technical support. If you do run into problems, customer care is responsive and helpful. You can’t ask for much more and this goes some way to mitigate the stiffer price tag.


  • 4-stage filtration for extreme results
  • Filters water across multiple applications
  • Lifetime technical support is a nice bonus


  • You will need to use faucet with refrigerator line

6) Woder 10K-JG-1/4 Inline Ice Maker Refrigerator System

Removes contaminants while leaving healthy minerals intact

The selective filtration performs a comprehensive onslaught attacking chlorine, sediment, VOCs, heavy metals and PFCs along with anything else that might spoil the smell and taste of your water.

Unlike an RO system, all beneficial minerals stay in place so you’ll get a crisp and clean glass of water or batch of ice without what’s good for you removed.

Straightforward installation in minutes flat

You should be all set for a tool-free installation in as little as 5 minutes with everything you need chucked in and no requirement to call for a plumber.

Exceptional longevity

Rated for 10,000 gallons or 3 years, capacity far outflanks most of the competition.

Works with ice makers and refrigerators

This filter fits with all ¼-inch copper or plastic flex tubing supplying refrigerators and ice makers.


  • Incredible 3-year filter lifespan
  • Fits to existing water supply line so no hoses needed
  • Removes heavy metals and VOCs


  • Some complaints about water flow reducing


We trust you’ve now got a good idea of which type of fridge water filter makes the best fit for your needs. There’s no right or wrong answer here, just the right answer for you.

If you’re still not certain about which of the enormous variety of water filters offers what you need, check out our comprehensive guide by type right here.

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