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Learn when it’s time to discard your old water heater and replace it with a new, more efficient appliance

Most people in the civilized world are under the impression that media, law enforcement, courts and the government are what make democracy so great. However, beyond these four aspects of democracy, the state of our infrastructure such as public transport, roads, train tracks, or utilities such as electricity and hot water also plays an integral role in improving quality of life.

The crux of these necessities is hot water, and while it may seem unimportant at first, it truly sets apart an average household from a well-maintained one.

Unfortunately, the water heater is typically a largely ignored appliance as far as maintenance is concerned. Even though residents of a home regularly require hot water throughout the year, especially during winter, most people can’t be bothered with maintaining their water heater installed in either the kitchen or bathroom. Just like any electronic equipment, water heaters are also at risk of breaking down, causing great discomfort to those living in the household.

Regardless of what causes the malfunction in the water heater, no one wants to be stuck with frigid water on a cold morning when they’re getting ready for school or work. That’s why it’s rewarding in the long run to regularly inspect your water heater to ensure that it runs optimally. Here we’ve presented the 4 most common signs that indicate your water heater is on its last legs.

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