We Review The Best Saniflo Toilets (Expert Buying Guide & Reviews)

Saniflo toilets are a niche line and they come packing an integrated macerator system for convenience and water-conservation.

While these WCs are certainly not cheap, if you’re looking for a self-contained unit for your basement or a small bathroom, Saniflo delivers.

We’ll walk you through the 3 best options in this small but capable range.

1) Saniflo Sanicompact (023)

Designed for small spaces

Do you need to install a toilet in a cramped space?

If so and a regular toilet simply wouldn’t fit, the self-contained Saniflo can deal with the waste from both a sink and toilet.

With the Sanicompact, you can install a half-bathroom up to 120 feet from a soil stack or 9 feet below the sewer line.

Be certain to check the National Plumbing Code before committing to purchase. You can usually only use this kind of toilet if you don’t have a connection to a gravity drainage system.

Ample space despite slimline form factor

While you’ll need remarkably little space to install this ingenious toilet, you’ll still find it reasonably comfortable to use.

ADA-compliant, you should be able to get up and down from the Sanicompact with ease.

The elongated bowl gives you plenty of room when you’re seated and you’ll get a soft-close seat bundled.

That’s not all the Sanicompact does well, though…

Water-efficient toilet with dual-flush mechanism

Coming in well below WaterSense guidelines for water-efficiency, this dual-flush toilet uses just 1 gallon of water per flush or 1.28 GPF for more stubborn waste.

This level of efficiency can generate very real savings when your water bills land and goes at least some way toward mitigating the price.

You don’t need a gravity flow tank. The macerator pump and the flushing cycle kick in automatically when you push a button. The pressure-assisted mechanism is electronically timed.

Self-contained unit with macerator onboard

With the macerator and pump built into a single unit and the one-piece configuration meaning you won’t need a tank either, the Saniflo Sanicompact 023 is a lean and mean unit.

The Sanicompact might not be especially cheap but it solves a problem neatly and effectively so id arguably well worth the substantial price tag.


  • Dual flush using just 1.28 GPF even with full flush
  • Small footprint without compromising comfort
  • Pressure-assisted flush with no gravity flow tank required


  • Certainly not the cheapest solution at your disposal

2) Saniflo Sanibest Pro

Straightforward installation

If the thought of buying a specialist toilet puts you off because you feel it would be problematic to install, think again.

You might need a plumber to install the Sanibest Pro but if so, it should be a quick and easy job.

If you’re confident with this type of project, make sure you’ve got a power supply close at hand for the macerator chamber. You’ll also need an outtake drain for the macerator tubing.

Connect the tank to the water supply and you’re good to go. You can also install drainage systems from the bath and shower as well as the sink and washing machine. These go into the macerator chamber.

Innovative up-flush gravity flushing system

The up-flush gravity flushing system combined with a macerator and grinder turns solid waste into the tiniest particles.

After the water passes through the bowl just like in a normal toilet, it’s ejected along with the waste out of the back and into the macerator tank. The intelligent pressure system activated the macerator blades and the grinder.

An impeller and a pressure system combine to shoot the waste up to 25 feet toward the next sewer line.

Rugged build quality

The Sanibest comes with durable components built to stay the distance.

The macerator, grinder and impeller are all solid. These parts are quite tricky to disassemble and clean but your toilet will last longer if you keep things running smoothly.

Efficient and eco-friendly

Despite achieving such powerful functionality, the Sanibest uses just 1.6 gallons of water per flush meaning it’s within EPA WaterSense guidelines.

Do your part for the environment while also taking care of all the waste in your home the easy way.


  • Not particularly tough to install
  • You can place this toilet up to 25 feet below the sewer line
  • Can connect to a bath, shower, sink and washing machine


  • Can kick out quite a lot of noise

3) Saniflo Saniaccess 2

Remarkable water conservation

Despite being effective when it comes to dispatching solid waste, the Saniaccess 2 uses a mere 1 gallon of water per flush to achieve this.

With WaterSense guidelines stipulating 1.6 GPF as the benchmark for water-efficiency, this unit comes in well below.

Pretty simple to install

You’ll need to make a number of connections but installation is reasonably simple. Even if you can’t do it yourself, you shouldn’t need to budget too much for a professional.

With all the inlets and outlets in place, all you’ll need to do is connect the macerator chamber’s output tubing to the drainage and you’re all set.

We wouldn’t recommend DIY installation unless you’re pretty confident handling this kind of project.

Top-notch up-flush system

The macerating up-flush system in place smashes down all large and solid waste into tiny particles.

This waste can then be pumped vertically to 15 feet making it a nice option in basements…

Works well in smaller bathrooms and basements

Due to the up-flush system, this toilet is the ideal choice if you’ve got a man cave down in the basement and you want a dedicated WC so you don’t need to keep rushing upstairs.

The compact dimensions and round-front bowl means the Saniaccess 2 also make a neat fit in a small bathroom.

As an added bonus, you can hook the Saniaccess 2 up to a sink and shower.

Setting aside the difficulty of cleaning, this is an innovative solution that solves a common pain point. While it’s not a toilet for everyone, the Saniaccess 2 is well worth your consideration.


  • Uses just 1 gallon of water per flush
  • Macerator can be located on the other side of the wall to reduce noise
  • Also accommodates discharge pipes from sink and shower


  • Not the easiest toilet to clean


If you want a self-contained and water-efficient toilet, Saniflo has this segment of the market on lock.

If none of the 3 models above make the right fit for your bathroom, feel free to browse around Top Ten Water. We’ve categorized toilets by brand and by type to make your life easier.

Come back soon and please take the time to browse our site as your go-to resource for water-related products.

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