Who Has The Best Square Toilet Seats (Shopper Secrets Exposed)

Photo of square toiletsSince toilets have long had a pretty standardized rounded shape, you might be wondering why you would possibly consider buying a square toilet.

From a design standpoint, square toilet seats actually make a lot of sense…

Think about the other fixtures in your bathroom, your sink and bathtub and shower stall and there are plenty of straight lines. A square toilet can actually blend in beautifully if you choose the right one.

Key Benefits of Square Toilets

There’s no mechanical advantage reaped when you opt for square toilet seats so what are the core plus points of choosing one?

  • Individuality
  • Clean and Sleek Lines
  • Surprising Comfort
  • Fit Well With Most Design Schemes


Sometimes when you’re remodeling the bathroom, it can be awkward to stamp your individuality on the room.

Sure, you’ve got plenty of smart toilet seats to choose from now but most of them still look pretty much the same.

You could install a jacuzz toilet but do you really need one?

The color of most bathroom appliances is broadly similar and so is the overall aesthetic.

Choosing is one way to inject a layer of uniqueness while still fulfilling the core purpose of a toilet: to efficiently get rid of waste.

If you’re looking for something different without spending a fortune, square toilets are a smart bet.

Clean and Sleek Lines

As we mentioned, when you first think of these toilet seats, it seems counter intuitive. That, though, is largely because we’re all so used to seeing the round standard.

When you think of all the other squares and straight lines in your bathroom, though, opting for one doesn’t seem quite so crazy.

Think about the tiling, too. You can tie in the design of the toilet with those to striking effect.

Surprising Comfort

Again, you might instinctively imagine these toilet seats would be uncomfortable but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The seat is actually a little roomier than those you’ll find on conventional toilets.

And no, you won’t fall in either!

Fit Well With Most Design Schemes

Whether you’ve got a pared-down minimalist condo or a much more traditional bathroom décor, the subtle but commanding look of a one will slot in perfectly.


With several reasons to buy, how about installation?

Installing a Square Toilet

The good news here is that you won’t need any special gear or materials.

The only real exception is if you’re shifting from a wall-mounted toilet or a corner toilet seat to a floor mounted model. In that case, you’ll need to call in a plumber to attend to the piping.

2 Great Square Toilets

The Kohler Veil qualifies as a square toilet and we looked at that in our study of corner toilets. It’s a WC that wears many hats along with a vast array of smart tech on board.

We’ll look briefly today at an elongated one-piece from Swiss Madison along with a rectangular toilet from Duravit so you can see if either of these makes a good fit in your bathroom.

Swiss Madison Concorde One-Piece Dual-Flush Square Elongated (SM-1T106)

Squared-off design makes a real conversation piece

Maybe you’re looking for something slightly different to set off your bathroom but you don’t want to spend a fortune?

The low-slung and square lines of the Concorde mesh with most design schemes and this toilet will remind you of the hotel suites you stay in on vacation without needing to leave home.

Seat offers a surprising amount of room

Some square seats feel rather restrictive but the Swiss Madison has a roomy and comfortable feel.

Guests won’t feel like they’re about to tumble in either. The only drawback is that the overall footprint is correspondingly large.

Dual-flush with water conservation uppermost

Smashing EPA WaterSense guidelines, the dual-flush mechanism gives you all the power you need when you want it with a 1.6 GPF full flush.

For liquid waste, the partial flush uses a meager 0.8 gallons of water per flush meaning you can cut back on your water consumption and reduce your bills while also doing your bit for the environment.

Soft-closing and quick-release seat for your convenience

If you’ve got kids in the house and you want to put a stop to the endless slamming of toilet seats, the Concorde is designed to close softly and quietly.

When it’s time for cleaning, the seat comes off to make your job even easier. Cleaning is already a breeze thanks to the one-piece design and fully glazed trapway so what’s not to love?


  • Exceptional water efficiency with partial flush using just 0.8 gallons per flush
  • Quick-release seat to streamline cleaning completely
  • One-piece design also helps prevent bacteria from accumulating while also looking elegant


  • Overall dimensions are bulky

Duravit DuraStyle Dual-Flush One-Piece Rectangular Toilet (2157010005)

Dual-flush for maximum water-efficiency

As with the Swiss Madison toilet seat, you can choose from a full or partial flush using just 0.92 and 1.32 gallons of water per flush respectively.

In both instances, this puts you firmly within the 1.6 GPF guidelines laid out for a toilet to qualify as water-efficient.

At the same time, you won’t need to sacrifice flushing power in pursuit of an eco-friendly solution.

Concealed trapway with integrated skirt brings aesthetics and performance together

The hidden trapway makes the toilet look less like one from a public restroom while the skirt is built in neatly so as to keep the discharge passageway out of sight.

These small but valuable touches complete a distinctive yet understated appearance.

Super-simple installation

With no special requirements for installation, all you’ll need to do is buy the seat – this does not come included – and you’ll be ready to set up your toilet with everything else you need thrown in.

Class-leading guarantee

To complete a winning package, Duravit serves up a full 5-year limited warranty removing any niggles from purchase.


  • Remarkably efficient dual-flush mechanism
  • Rectangular bowl gives you more room than you’d get from a round alternative
  • Robust 5-year limited warranty for your complete peace of mind


  • Toilet seat is not included so be sure to budget extra for this


Have you come any closer to deciding whether or not a square toilet makes sense in your bathroom?

As always, there’s no boilerplate solution to remodeling. The only thing that counts is what works well for you.

Bookmark Top Ten Water and come back whenever you need some impartial advice on any water-related appliances in your home. Look out for our upcoming study of swamp coolers and come back soon!

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