4 Best Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews (Mega Buyer’s Guide For Home Installation)

Swiss Madison specializes in design-led toilets that don’t place form over function.

With a keen eye on the environment, all 4 models we highlight today come with dual-flush mechanisms with even the full flush using just 1.28 GPF.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly toilet that looks great and performs just as strongly, which one of this line-up will you choose?

1) Swiss Madison St Tropez One-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated (SM-1T254)

Unbeatable water-efficiency

The dual-flush mechanism gives you the option of a super-light flush using just 0.8 GPF for lighter wastes. Even the more powerful flush for more stubborn waste, you’ll still only get through 1.28 gallons per flush.

This brings the St Tropez very firmly in line with EPA WaterSense guidelines and makes it among the most water-conserving models on the market.

Tornado flush

If you’re thinking this eco-friendly approach to flushing leaves you short of power, you couldn’t be more wrong.

With a pair of potent nozzles and a tornado gravity flush, you’ll get more of the bowl cleaned with less water whether you’re using the full or partial flush.

Elongated comfort height bowl

A space-saving model with a sleek one-piece design, this won’t leave you compromised for room when you’re sitting.

The elongated bowl gives you ample room for maneuver while the right-height seat is ADA-compliant and easy to slip down onto even if you struggle with mobility.

Soft-closing and quick release seat

Unlike many models, Swiss Madison includes the seat and it detaches at the push of a button to streamline your cleaning.

This seat closes gently and quietly, particularly valuable if you’ve got kids in the house and you’re tired of that endless slamming.


  • Pared-down one-piece design makes a real statement
  • Simple to clean thanks to fully skirted trapway and few hiding spots for bacteria and grime
  • Exceptionally water-efficient


  • A few complaints about awkward installation

2) Swiss Madison Ivy One-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated (SM-1T112)

Minimalist design for a striking statement

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of design when you’re choosing a toilet. After all, it’s the first thing someone will see when they enter your bathroom.

The Ivy line showcases Swiss Madison’s attention to aesthetics and the low-slung and clean lines make a neat fit in any style of bathroom.

Environmentally-friendly without compromising performance

Falling firmly in line with guidance from EPA regarding water consumption, this WaterSense-certified toilet comes with a dual flush mechanism.

As with the St Tropez, a partial flush for light waste uses a mere 0.8 gallons per flush while the full flush is still economical at 1.28 GPF.

Despite running lean on water, you’ll get twin nozzles so the bowl stays spotless while leaving you with a clean conscience.

Simple cleaning and minimal maintenance

The skirted trapway and powerful tornado flush come together so you won’t spend too much time cleaning the Ivy.

With the seat detaching at the push of a button to simplify things further, you’ll get a maintenance-free toilet that looks great, too.

Seat and all installation hardware included

With the soft close, quick-release seat bundled along with all mounting hardware for the toilet, you’ve got everything you need to get going straight out the box.


  • EPA WaterSense-compliant for water-efficiency
  • Pair of powerful flushing nozzles
  • Elongated bowl and chair-height seat putting comfort uppermost


  • A few reports of clogging

3) Swiss Madison Concorde One-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated (SM-1T106)

Elegant and unique design-driven toilet

If you’re looking for a toilet that looks different without going over the top, this squared off Concorde model from the stellar Swiss Madison is well worth popping on your shortlist.

The sleek porcelain one-piece with a square bowl might not make the neatest fit in tiny bathrooms but if you’ve got the space to accommodate, it makes a fantastic centerpiece to your restroom.

Concealed trapway and skirted design

The concealed trapway adds to the stripped-down look of this toilet and along with the slick, skirted design, gives you a toilet that’s easy on the eye without letting you down on the performance front.

Chance of clogging minimized

The oversized trapway diameter cuts down any risk of clogging, something that tends to be a flashpoint with water-conserving toilets.

Save water without sacrificing flushing power

Coming in under EPA WaterSense guidelines with a dual mechanism of 0.8 GPF and 1.28 GPF, you’ll use very little water. That said, you’ll still benefit from a brisk gravity-fed flush capable of dispatching any kind of waste with ease.


  • Square bowl gives a commanding look and extra space
  • Tool-free seat removal for cleaning purposes
  • Water-efficient like all Swiss Madison models


  • Reasonably pricey

4) Swiss Madison Chateau One-Piece Dual-Flush Elongated (SM-1T803)

High-performance dual-flush

The EPA WaterSense-compliant flush gives you the choice of a skimpy 0.8 gallons per flush when you want to see off liquid waste or a still-miserly 1.28 GPF for solid waste.

As long as you don’t throw too much toilet tissue down, there’s very little risk of clogging thanks to a high-performance gravity-fed mechanism.

Design marries traditional and modern styling

While the Concorde is not particularly cheap, part of that expense is compensated by classic looks that fit in with just about any bathroom.

Comfort height with elongated bowl for more space

The chair-height seat is tailor-made if anyone in your family suffers from a disability and the elongated bowl gives you plenty of space when you’re sitting.

All installation kit included

As with all Swiss Madison toilets, all installation hardware comes included. The toilet seat and lid along with a wax ring kit are also thrown in so you can get going without heading to the hardware store.


  • Striking yet classic aesthetic to mesh with most bathroom décor
  • Space-saving despite giving ample room for maneuver
  • Water-efficient dual-flush without calling for constant use of the plunger


  • Sometimes doesn’t seem like there’s enough water in the bowl


While all broadly similar, this quartet of Swiss Madison toilets all appeal to slightly different buyers. Much of your decision will be based on which one you like the look of since they tick all bases like water-efficiency and they all come with an elongated bowl and comfort height seat.

For a classic toilet that’s built to stay the distance, you can’t go wrong with Swiss Madison.

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