12 Best Toilet Brands For 2019

Here’s a capsule summary of 12 of the strongest brands making toilets so you can see at a glance which might best sit when you’re upgrading your bathroom.

American Standard

American Standard has been making top-tier toilets for 140 years. With a core focus on affordability married to performance, the American Standard range is broad.

While you might think first of the classic and pocket-friendly line featured in homes throughout the US, this manufacturer also makes some pricey and highly specialized toilets.

From self-cleaning toilets and models capable of flushing away a bucket of golf balls right down to multiple more regulation toilets, American Standard offers something for all tastes and budgets.


AquaSource, sold at Lowe’s, make very inexpensive toilets while maintaining high standards in terms of build and performance.

The range is not broad but you can find both single and dual-flush models with elongated bowls and ADA-compliant comfort height seats.

If you’re looking for quality and sleek design on a budget, these understated toilets are the obvious choice.


Duravit was founded in Germany way back in 1817 where its headquarters remain today.

Primarily producing porcelain bathroom fittings, Duravit uses many notable designers like Philippe Starck and Frank Huster to enhance its impressive line of products.

These tech-laden and design-driven toilets are not cheap but make a real asset in any bathroom.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly toilet that still holds up to the very highest standards, EAGO makes a smart choice.

Choose from a full suite of configurations from round and square to elongated and wall-mounted, EAGO even provide residential urinals.


Rolling slick aesthetics, robust build quality and powerful performance into one package, Jacuzzi toilets are built to last and remarkably easy to keep clean.

Water efficient, ADA-compliant for anyone with mobility problems and coming with either a single or dual-flush, these elongated toilets make a striking statement in any bathroom.


Kohler has a broad and deep range including some of the best toilets on the market.

From pocket-friendly models at the lower end right through some upscale smart toilets, you’ll get energy-efficiency, flushing power and a staggering choice of colors and designs from an industry legend with Kohler.


Niagara state that they make the most efficient toilets in the world and with flush rates as low as 0.5 GPF, this is a claim that stands up.

You’ll have multiple flush positions to choose from and a choice of round or elongated bowls to suit.

Side handles and rear outlets differentiate some models in the range from the pack and all of these toilets come EPA WaterSense certified.

OVE Decors

OVE Decors is a Canadian outfit delivering a variety of bathroom solutions including some neat toilets.

Aside from some simple one-piece and two-piece models, OVE also offer some tech-laden smart toilets ideal for any connected home.

Project Source

If you’re looking to spend the absolute minimum on a toilet without compromising quality, Project Source is a great choice.

While you won’t get quite the same attention to build quality and you’ll take a slight hit on durability, for toilets on a budget, Project Source is a standout winner.


Saniflo toilets are above-floor macerators you can install even if the main drainage is not close at hand.

Compact yet powerful, Saniflo offer these innovative in a variety of shapes and sizes catering for bathrooms big and small.

While not particularly cheap, Saniflo products are built to stay the distance and neatly solve a problem most other brands fail to address.


Sterling has a modest but solid line-up of water-efficient toilets all priced attractively.

Sometimes, too much choice can be overwhelming and Sterling gives you the option of round or elongated bowls across just 3 variants.

If you suffer from analysis paralysis, check out this trio and you should find something that fits with your bathroom.


Much like Kohler, TOTO produces toilets with design uppermost but not interfering with function.

TOTO toilets come in just about any configuration you can imagine and you need to be prepared to dig deep. In return for your investment, you’ll get a first-class addition to your bathroom that should last for years without any problems while making a commanding statement.

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