What Are The Very Best Toto Toilets Available Today? We Review 5 of the Top Sellers Below

TOTO is a class-leader in the toilet vertical with a hard-won reputation for producing high-grade WCs that won’t bankrupt you.

While design and aesthetics are integral to TOTO toilets, don’t fear a case of form over function. You’ll get powerful flushing without using too much water and dependable build quality to protect your investment.

Check out our 5 best TOTO models right now and see which one makes the best fit for your bathroom.

1) TOTO Drake Elongated Two-Piece (CST744SL-51)

Two-piece toilets are not to everyone’s taste and they don’t work so well in tighter bathrooms. If you’ve got the space to accommodate, though, the enduringly popular TOTO Drake makes a fine centerpiece.

Coming in some unusual colors including this dark ebony variant, you can step outside the normal ocean of white and inject some understated class to your bathroom.

Thanks to the patented G-Max flushing system, you won’t need to hit the lever more than once even with bulkier and more demanding loads. The oversized trapway and flush valve both serve to push performance to the limits.

While you’ll conserve water with just 1.6 gallons per flush, this puts the Drake outside WaterSense guidelines. The comfort height seat does meet ADA compliance, though.

There’s no seat thrown in but this gives you the option of choosing either a soft-close seat or a washlet so choose what works best for you.

For a solid all-rounder that looks as good as it performs, the classic Drake two-piece is ideal for bigger bathrooms and larger adults.


  • G-Max siphon flush delivers industrial-grade performance
  • Sits high with an elongated bowl so perfect for larger adults and anyone with mobility issues
  • Broad and neatly-glazed SanaGloss trapway ensures efficient waste disposal with nothing sticking to the sides


  • Seat not included so factor this into your budgeting

2) TOTO Gwyneth Elongated One-Piece (MS604114CEFG-12)

If you’re hunting for a WaterSense-certified and highly efficient toilet, the 1.28 GPF Gwyneth from TOTO hits the mark head-on.

The sleek one-piece design combined with an elongated bowl and comfort-height seat manages to deliver comfort in a reasonably space-saving form factor.

The single flush is tucked on the left-hand side so you’ll be limited to that water-conserving 1.28 gallons per flush. In return for this restriction, you should notice a drop in your water consumption over the course of a year.

The trapway is substantial and the ceramic glazing is treated with proprietary SanaGloss. This will keep your toilet looking immaculate while making sure no mold or mildew sets in. The treatment also helps ensure all waste is channeled where it belongs rather than lingering on the sides.

While the one-piece design means making any repairs is more problematic, when it comes to cleaning, you’ll have the hard work done for you without any nooks or crannies for germs, dirt and bacteria to hide.

The Gwyneth is an all-rounder priced competitively and coming with the build quality and precision-engineering you’d expect from TOTO.


  • Remarkably water-efficient with a single flush of 1.28 GPF and a siphon jet
  • SanaGloss glazing inhibits mold and staining while preventing debris from sticking to the bowl
  • Right-height seat in line with ADA guidelines


  • Single flush only so think about your intended usage

3) TOTO Drake Round Bowl and Tank (CST743S-01)

Another iteration of the Drake, the CST743S0-01 comes with a round bowl making it ideal if you’re operating within the confines of a tighter bathroom.

Using a standard-sized 12-inch rough-in and coming with everything you need for installation except the seat, this is a user-friendly model that won’t call for complex and expensive set-up.

Choose from a soft-close seat or treat yourself to a washlet to ramp up hygiene to the next level.

As with the previous variant of the Drake, the substantial glazed trapway and robust flush valve deliver winning performance across the board.

If you’re looking to save money and water and you’re not hung up on those EPA guidelines, this is a solid choice and currently available at an aggressive discount so what are you waiting for?


  • Space-saving design perfect for smaller bathrooms without sacrificing comfort
  • 6 GPF saves water but doesn’t qualify for WaterSense certification
  • Powerful siphon jet flushing system sees off most waste without a hitch


  • A few complaints about clogging

4) TOTO Drake Round Two-Piece (CST743S-11)

Next up is a third version of the Drake, this time a two-piece with a round bowl.

The benefits of a two-piece include ease of repairs without needing to replace the whole toilet and installation you could easily carry out yourself using the crisp and detailed instructions.

On the flipside, a two-piece is more awkward to clean since dirt and grime has more opportunity to hide away and accumulate. The aesthetics of a two-piece also polarize opinion but this is fairly subjective.


If you’re tired of white, white and more white when you’re hunting down toilets, TOTO offers this style of the Drake in a handful of more unusual color schemes.

That agile G-Max flush system is in full effect and you’ll get rock-solid build to complement formidable flushing.

To ice the cake, you’ll only use 1.6 gallons per flush saving you money when the water bill hits the mat.


  • Multiple colorways to slot neatly in with just about any design scheme
  • Two-piece design for ease of installation and simplified repair or maintenance
  • Potent G-Max flushing system delivers highly capable performance without making heavy demands on water


  • Not EPA WaterSense compliant

5) TOTO Entrada Elongated Two-Piece (CST244EF-01)

Rounding out our quintet of TOTO toilets is the slimline Entrada.

Rated at 1.28 GPF, the Entrada falls in line with WaterSense requirements so you can save a few dollars while also doing your part to reduce your environmental footprint.

The elongated bowl allows you to sit comfortably and the right-height seat is high enough to fall firmly within ADA recommendations. While it’s not a full-bore space-saving model, the Entrada will slip into smaller bathrooms without dominating the space completely.

The gravity flush gives you a quieter experience than the racket kicked up by pressure-assisted models making the Entrada perfect at night when you don’t want to wake the rest of the family.

For a neat combo of affordability, aesthetics and hard-hitting capability, the TOTO Entrada is a hidden gem in TOTO’s sprawling range.


  • ADA and WaterSense compliant for your comfort and water-efficiency
  • 3-inch flush valve promotes powerful and efficient waste removal
  • Substantial siphon jet adds extra weight to flushing


  • Some issues with quality control so check contents carefully upon arrival


It’s tough to choose an outright winner from these TOTO toilets since they cater for varying requirements but we’ll do so and give our vote to the Gwyneth.

Using just 1.28 gallons per flush and glazed with SanaGloss, you’ll get a comfort height seat, all the benefits of a one-piece configuration and a nicely elongated bowl to further amplify comfort.

Take a look through our other toilets for some more ideas. We’ve collated the strongest models out there both by brand and also by specific category so you can more easily find what you’re looking for.

Bookmark our site as your go-to resource for any water-related product in your home. We eliminate the hype, tell it like it is and draw your attention clearly to any drawbacks with products so you can buy with your eyes wide open.

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