We Review 10 of The Best Under Sink Water Filters on Earth (Must Read)

If you’re looking for purified water for drinking and cooking, under-sink systems deliver in fine style.

We’ve whittled down a huge selection of models to bring you a lineup of the 10 best under-sink systems for a variety of budgets and requirements.

As a general guideline, the more stages of filtration in place, the purer the end result in your cup or saucepan.

We’ll get directly down to business so you can simplify your buying decision and save yourself time and money while enjoying crisper, cleaner water.

1) APEC 3-Stage Under-Sink Water Filter System (WFS 1000)

Great value and slimline dimensions

APEC offers an affordable and compact under-sink unit that’s surprisingly versatile considering the attractive price point.

Triple filtration

Precision-engineered triple-filtration serves up a 10-inch polypropylene sediment filter to trap larger debris. A pair of carbon block filters follows up by removing chlorine, chemicals, and VOCs along with any lingering bad smell and taste.

Comprehensive bundle

You’ll get everything you need included to get going straight out the box with 5 feet of durable tubing and the required adapters.

Feed water pressure can be anywhere from 20 to 85 PSI.

Long lifespan and robust warranty

Filters are designed to last up to 1 year so you won’t be constantly fiddling around swapping them out.

Crowned with a 1-year warranty and lifetime support, you can buy in complete confidence.


  • Capable of treating both tap water and well water
  • 3-stage filtration including carbon block
  • Heavy-duty tubing and adapters bundled


  • Won’t remove TDS (total dissolved solids)

2) Aquasana Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (AQ-RO-3.62)

3-pronged attack against water-borne contaminants

This powerful but compact system combines RO with remineralization and claryum filtration for the complete package.

Eliminates chemicals while leaving minerals in place

The system sees off 99% of almost 100 chemicals tainting the average water supply. You’ll also see a reduction of 95% in potentially harmful fluoride levels.

The beauty of this system is the way beneficial minerals like potassium, magnesium, and calcium remain in the water giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Full package

Along with a set of filters, you’ll also get the reverse osmosis tank, faucet and installation hardware bundled giving you great value from a brand you can trust.


  • Rolls together reverse osmosis and remineralization in one unit
  • Fully NSF-certified and no leakage of contaminants
  • System can treat 35 gallons of water per day


  • Reasonably high level of wastage

3) 3M AquaPure Under-Sink Water Filtration System (70020321025)


If you’ve got a water cooler and you’re looking to amp up the taste while bringing down the quantity of chemicals, the dual-filter 3M AquaPure is the obvious answer.

Swap cartridges without breaking your stride

SQC (sanitary quick change) cartridges are designed so you can briskly swap them out without needing to cut off the water supply thanks to the onboard shut-off valve.

NSF listed for peace of mind

This dual filter system brings down the amount of chlorine and particulates spoiling your water while also working to fight back against parasites, cysts and a handful of damaging VOCs.

Full kit included for straightforward DIY installation

The complete package includes the fittings, bracket and tubing and you won’t need a plumber to get up and running.


  • Designed to slot onto a water cooler
  • Quick-change cartridge for your convenience
  • Reduces chemicals, particulates and VOCs in your water supply


  • No faucet included with this variant

4) Culligan Under-Sink Drinking Water Filtration System (US-EZ-4)

Filter delivers excellent lifespan

The Culligan under-sink unit comes with an RC-EZ-4 filter capable of treating 500 gallons of water equating to roughly 6 months of normal use.

Tested and certified by National Sanitation Federation

This filter comes NSF-certified for its ability to chlorine and chlorinates along with a range of other pollutants including mercury, lead and cysts. You’ll also get noticeably less cloudy water and a crisper, cleaner taste.

Solid all-inclusive package with faucet

From the head assembly and tubing to the mounting hardware and even a handy cartridge replacement reminder sticker, Culligan throw in everything you need to get started immediately. Our only real gripe is that the fittings are rather fragile.


  • Sleek and understated faucet included
  • Powerful, efficient filter with 6 month lifespan
  • Brisk 0.5 GPM flow rate at 60 PSI


  • Fitting could be more robust

5) Doulton Super Carb Under-Sink Filter System (W9330958)

Ceramic filter

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly method of improving water quality at home, Doulton roll out a ceramic filter on this under-sink system. Choose from an array of suitable filters with a SuperCarb candle filter bundled.

Rock-solid housing and fittings

Unlike much of the competition, the Doulton has premium tubing and a durable housing to give you impressive lifespan without costing the earth.

Under-sink installation kit

This in-line system is designed to slot neatly under the sink in your kitchen. You’ll get everything you need in the package including easy-fit 3/8-inch connectors.

Easy to clean and low maintenance

There’s nothing worse than filtration systems that end up as a time-suck with too much cleaning and maintenance required. Aside from a bi-annual filter change and quick clean-up, this Doulton is pretty much set-and-forget.


  • Removes the smell and taste of iron
  • Rugged plastic housing will stay the distance
  • Lightweight and eco-friendly ceramic filter


  • Need to replace filter twice a year

6) Ecosoft 3-Stage Under-Sink RV Water Filtration System (FMVECOUS2)

3 layers of filtration

This 3-tiered filtration system features a polypropylene sediment filter and proprietary Ecomix D531 filter along with a carbon shell filter to give comprehensive protection against waterborne pollutants.

Slimline and lightweight

The space-saving design and base designed to prevent any slippage makes this ideal for mounting under the sink even in a confined cabinet.

Green solution to treating water at home

The manufacturer claims you can save the equivalent of over 2500 bottle of water for every 400 gallons you treat. Not only this, the taste will be demonstrably better and the water you drink free of the vast bulk of contaminants.


  • 3-stage filtration efficiently removes chlorine, sediment and by-products of chlorination along with other contaminants
  • BPA-free food-grade plastics
  • Certified by WQA and ISO


  • Will not remove total dissolved solids
  • Filters last no more than 4 months

7) Express Water 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier (RO5DX)

Class-leading 5-stage filtration

Express Water brings multi-stage filtration into your kitchen and under the sink. Sediment and carbon block filters help extend the life of the RO membrane while an activated carbon filter make a final sweep of the water to ensure it’s at its very best.

Attacks total dissolved solids

Unlike much of the competition, this multi-layered system is capable of removing TSDs along with a suite of other waterborne nasties from rust, sand and dust through the usual chlorine and phosphate while also working to remove bacteria and viruses.

Great economy and convenience with annual filter changes

Clearly labelled to simplify swapping them out, you’ll only need to swap the filters once a year saving you time and money.


  • Full 5 stages of filtration maximizing protection
  • Reverse osmosis treatment
  • Leak stop detector thrown in which is a nice touch


  • Reasonably expensive but still represents sound value

8) Filtrete Maximum Under-Sink Water Filtration System (3US-MAX-S01)

Super-simple installation

If you don’t want whole-house filtration and you dislike the thought of calling in a plumber, Filtrete offers this under-sink unit that’s a breeze to set up solo.

Range of filters available

Choose from Standard, Maximum and Advanced filters when it’s time to swap them out. If you’re forgetful on this count, Filtrete provides a nifty reminder service you can sign up for by text free of charge.

Superb capacity

The 1500-gallon capacity of this compact unit elevates it above larger and costlier systems while allowing you to slip it out of sight under the sink even in smaller cabinets.

Defends against all the usual suspects

From lead and cysts to chlorine, rust and bulkier sediment, you’ll enjoy water stripped of everything that mars the taste and smell without needing to lift a finger.


  • Accommodates several different filters
  • Installation takes just 30 minutes with no need to call in a pro
  • Filter change reminder service available by SMS


  • Only works with potable cold water

9) FRIZZLIFE Under-Sink Water Filter System (MK99)

Class-leading flow rate

Where many compact under-sink systems labor to produce 0.5 gallons of water per minute, you can expect a flow rate of 2 GPM with the FRIZZLIFE MK99.

Tech-driven purification

Thanks to the efficient compound filter, you’ll get all the contaminants stripped from your water while ensuring the minerals you need stay in place. Kiss goodbye to lead, heavy metals and VOCs without dipping out on magnesium, calcium or potassium.

Twist-in installation

Rather than factoring in the costs of a plumber, the set-up of this system takes less than 5 minutes and requires no professional assistance.

Long-life cartridge

You can expect up to 2 years of life from the cartridges although the manufacturer recommends replacing them every 6 to 8 months. See for yourself how your water is tasting and use your own judgment.


  • Dual-stage compound filter
  • Set up in minutes flat with no need for any plumbing
  • Outstanding 2 GPM flow rate


  • Quality of water pipe could be improved

10) InSinkErator Under-Sink Water Filtration System (F-1000S)

Kit for InsinkErator water systems

Last but not least, this installation kit is exclusively for use with InSinkErator systems. The head bracket works with F1000 or F2000 filters.

Remove even tiny particles

Filtration with this system gets rid of the tiniest waterborne pollutants down to a size of 0.5 microns. With no chlorine or particulates clouding up and tainting your water, you can get the benefits of purified bottled water without the cost or environmental footprint.

Unbeatable guarantee

If anything goes amiss with your system, the manufacturer can arrange to pay a home visit during the first year after purchase giving you total peace of mind.


  • Buy as single unit or in packs of 3, 4 and 5
  • Reduces taste and smell of chlorine and eliminates particles to 0.5 microns
  • Exceptional in-home warranty offered for 1 year


  • You’ll need an InSinkErator system


We trust you’ve now got a shortlist of filtration systems in line with your needs and space requirements. Always make certain you have enough space to accommodate an under-sink unit before committing to purchase.

We’ve also broken down water filtration systems across all major categories so browse by type if you’re not convinced an under-sink system is the best solution for you.

Drop us a line if you have any questions. We’re always more than happy to help.

Come back soon!


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