What Are The Best Water Pitcher Filters? Read Our Reviews Below For The Inside Track!

Water pitcher water filters are the most affordable and compact solution for improving the taste and content of your drinking water.

These lightweight jugs come equipped with filter cartridges housed in the upper reservoir. Unfiltered water passes through this filter and trickles down below where it’s screened and ready for drinking.

The key thing to watch out for when you’re looking for a plastic water pitcher is that all components are free of BPA and other contaminants. After all, you don’t want to end up suffering in the pursuit of ostensibly healthier drinking water!

We’ll launch right into our reviews where we’ll highlight 5 of the best products on the market.

1) Brita 10-Cup Water Pitcher Water Filter (1.00603E+13)

Generous capacity but small footprint

Weighing a fraction over 2 pounds yet spacious enough to filter 10 cups of water in one shot, this Brita pitcher gives you a portable solution to filtration you won’t need to keep refilling.

Effective at reducing odor

As much as the taste of chlorine in your drinking water, it’s that unpleasant smell that also grates. This filter is highly effective at removing that chemical stench that puts you off drinking from the faucet and keeps you buying expensive plastic bottles instead.


Made from hard plastic containing absolutely no potentially harmful BPA, you can tweak your health regime without introducing new problems.

Reasonable filter lifespan

You can expect around 2 months of use from one of these filters equating to roughly 40 gallons of water screened. The manufacturer provides a nifty indicator so there’s no excuse for forgetting when it’s time to swap out the filter.


  • Filters a full 10 cups so ideal for larger families
  • Eliminates chlorine along with mercury, copper, cadmium and other pollutants tainting your water supply
  • Filter lasts roughly 2 months


  • Pitcher does not disassemble making cleaning awkward although you can remove the reservoir

2) Brita Atlantis 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher (42412)

Ultra-compact for small kitchen and apartments

Not everyone wants whole-house filtration, an under-sink unit or a bulky jug. If you’re living in a dinky apartment or you’ve got limited countertop space, this 6-cup pitcher helps you enjoy fresher, cleaner water without taking up much room.

Highly efficient filtration

For such a small, standalone unit, you’ll get remarkably robust filtration. You can kiss goodbye to that acrid taint of chlorine in your water without needing to spend a fortune on small bottles. Do your bank balance and the environment a favor at the same time. You’ll benefit from both an ion exchange resin and activated carbon for a dual-pronged attack.


This filtration system comes fully backed by the National Sanitation Federation (NSF) so you can buy with confidence knowing it does the job it claims to.


  • Super-compact pitcher but still good for filtering 6 cups of water
  • Activated carbon filter features ion exchange resin
  • Flip-top lid to streamline refilling


  • Some reported leakage when pouring so go gently

3) Brita Monterey Water Filtration System (SYNCHKG060337)

Striking design

If you’ve got an immaculate kitchen and you don’t want the clean lines spoiled by the regular white and plastic look of a water pitcher, the subtle gray finish on this charcoal Monterey model from Brita makes a pleasant change from the norm.

All-inclusive package

Along with the generously-sized 10-cup pitcher, you’ll get a pair of extra filters thrown in. Each of these features activated carbon along with an ion exchange resin. Expect to swap them out once every 2 months so factor this into your budgeting.

Eco-friendly solution to filtration

With none of the salt or water waste generated like with some larger-scale filtration systems, this pitcher makes a green option. You’ll also cut out the need for bottled water at home. Once filtered through this pitcher, you’ll enjoy a clean and lean taste free of any nasty odors and potentially harmful chemicals.


  • Muted gray colorway looks great in minimalist kitchens
  • 2 filters bundled giving you great value
  • Eliminate zinc and cadmium as well as chlorine for crisper water


  • Not dishwasher-friendly

4) Ecosoft Water Pitcher Water Filter (FMVLUNAREXP)

Impeccable brand heritage

Ecosoft are highly respected in the water products vertical and you’ll get a comprehensive 1-year warranty along with responsive and helpful customer care, surprising in a budget product like this.

Ergonomic design

The non-slip base and flip-top lid make this attractive jug a pleasure to use. The transparent plastic is BPA-free and you can choose from a red, blue or green accent to set off any kitchen color scheme.

Ecomix filtration

Proprietary filters eliminate chlorine and chloramines along with heavy metals and other contaminants you don’t want to be chugging down in your glass of water.


  • See off chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals
  • Food-grade plastic completely free of BPA
  • Bonus filter included for first-time customers


  • A few complaints about water leaking during pouring, a common issue with all pitchers

5) Ecosoft Water Pitcher Water Filter (4PackPitcher)

Outstanding capacity for a portable pitcher

Despite occupying a very small space on your countertop, you’ll be able to filter 10 cups with this model meaning you won’t be constantly dashing to the faucet.

Reduces water hardness

You can enjoy more balanced water with a reduction in hardness and salinity and with limescale prevented from forming.

Purifies water

As well as softening your water, you’ll eliminate chlorine and all associated byproducts once you start filtering your tap water supply through this pitcher. You’ll get no heavy metals, sediment or iron and you won’t get that foul taste of iron or chlorine either.

Longer-life filters

While with most comparable pitchers you can expect perhaps 2 months of use from a single filter, you can extend that to 3 months with this model giving you even better value at a pocket-friendly price.


  • Filter a full 10 cups of water in a single pour
  • Long-lasting filters can give up to 3 months of use
  • Softens water as well as filtering


  • Some customers have claimed they did not receive the 4 free filters advertised


While they’re simple products, don’t overlook water pitcher filters if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix to tainted water at home.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right type of system for you, check out our other explorations of water filtration systems by category to see which might make a better fit.

Come back soon and stop by any time you need advice on water-based products for your home.

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